Hail and well met fellow adventurers,

Are you an older D&D player who remembers and misses Dragonlance? I have converted the 1st Edition first four Dragonlance modules (DL1-DL4) into 5th Edition. I have previously run them multiple times, and constantly updated the four modules into perfection (or close to). I have even streamed one of the campaigns on Twitch and put the videos on YouTube. I even sell a version of them on the DMsGuild. These four modules cover the books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Dragons of Dwarven Depths.

If enough people are interested, I would be willing to run a private game of the first campaigns again. If my players enjoy the first campaign, we can continue with the other three campaigns. Each campaign takes roughly 4-5 weeks to finish at once a week for 3-3.5 hour sessions. This is a paid game with the rate of $10 per person per session as I have spent months on end converting and improving each module. Payments will be made through PayPal before the start of each session. I would like to run the campaign(s) on Saturdays at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 5 pm UTC starting on May 30th. I use Discord for voice chat. Will run the game if we get five to six players, no more than six players though. This will NOT be streamed; just a nice, private game. I do not mind at all if you are new to Fantasy Grounds. I will be glad to help teach people as we play. We will play on Fantasy Grounds Unity, I repeat, we will play on the new Fantasy Grounds Unity as I am slowly updating my modules to accompany the new additions with Unity. I have the Ultimate license so you can play with just the demo version of Unity. Also, you literally do not need a single book except maybe the official Playerís Handbook if you want. I made my modules completely self-contained so no books are needed except the Players Handbook (and thatís only for the DM).

A note about these campaigns: They are quite linear in advancement of the story. One of the main reasons to play these campaigns is for the fantastical story. There will be many times that you will feel like you are on the rails. I like to warn people about that in case you were hoping for an open, sand-box world. Sorry, itís not a sand-box. They also follow closely to the books. If you only read the books and never played the modules, you are in for a treat! Also, these modules come with pre-generated characters. Yes, they come with the Heroes of the Lance: Rasitlin, Caramon, Tanis, Tasslehoff, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Sturm, and Flint. You will choose from one of these pre-made PCs. Sorry, you do not get to roll your own PCs for these campaigns. But who does not want to play Raistlin or Tasslehoff? The good news is that they are all custom races based on the 3rd edition Dragonlance campaign setting and a few custom classes I added as well, so the pre-generated PCs are not vanilla flavored. I even have a Dragonlance Players Handbook Module to go with my Campaign Modules for the Players to reference their PC info. Also, someone has to play Goldmoon, pretty please?

Whew, that was a lot to say. But wait, there is more! I am looking for players that will work together as a group so that everyone has fun and the storyline is moved forward. I am not interested in anyone playing in such a manner that anyone else in the game does not have fun as a result, or those looking to disrupt the game/story. I truly hate having to tell a player not to return, but it has been done on rare occasion and only in extreme cases. With that negativity aside, I also want to say that I hope each and every player who joins brings unique life and fun to the game.

Below is a link to my YouTube channel. I have lots of Dragonlance sessions on there, along with some Eberron one-shots I made and D&D with my family. I show you this so you can see that I am just a normal, everyday wizard.

Click Here to See Vodkard's YouTube Channel

So, if you are interested in trying to defeat Verminaard, reply to this thread with your choice of Hero of the Lance you would like to play. This way others see who has been asked for already. I promise Iíll send you a private message within a few hours of your posting (unless I went to bed already, haha).