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    Client side lists/filters not visible


    I mentioned this as part of a previous post but wanted to log it seperately in the event it hasn't been raised. I'm also unsure if this relates to FGU-995 and will be fixed by the forthcoming "Font system improved to handle more font files without errors, and display more closely to the way FGC handles fonts." If so please close.

    Steps to reproduce the error: Connect to a game as client.
    Any relevant information from the "console.log" file found in your FG Data directory: None
    Operating system: Windows 10 latest release
    Language or Region Settings: UK
    Ruleset(s) you are experiencing the issue(s) in: 5e
    Is this a newly FGU created campaign or one migrated from FGC: New test campaign and existing imported campaign
    What modules do you have loaded from sources other than the FGU updater?: Rob2e Coding effects for Races, Classes, spells and Feats

    I've tested this with a local campaign in a lan connection (see attached) the image on the left is the GM view, the right is the client view.


    The issue also occurs via a cloud campaign.

    We can workaround with the search box but having the dropdown filters would be more useful for our less computer savvy players.

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    My players have experienced the same in a SWADE deadlands game.

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    Any word on this? The recent update hasn't resolved the problem.

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