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    Lookin' fer a game.

    Hi, I've not yet used this program but it seems really neat. I was wondering if anyone had a game they needed more players for. I'm somewhat experienced, I play semi-often and I'd like to learn more. My play times would be about M-Th 5-8 PM Central Time. Thanks in advance.

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    Heh, you have just about the same available play-times as me (I could start earlier and go later however).

    Too bad I'm just another player looking for a game though!

    I'm also a fairly experienced player (Having DM'd for a few years), my knowledge of basic 3.5 rules is excellent.

    Help us out to find a good weekday campaign!

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    Yes, I could do both, I was just writing down preferable times though, I could play any time from 3:30-10:30 If that helps anymore xD. I've yet to DM but I've been playing for probably over a year now.

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