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Thread: Meteor Swarm

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    Meteor Swarm

    With the spell Meteor Swarm handling damage seems to be worse than prismatic spray, this is an interesting explanation for this spell. Wonder if there is a way for the saves to have a memory like a melee attack does for crits? E.g. if all four saves were rolled at once?


    Would this extension handle this? Add 2nd effect for rolls that save?

    Meteor Swarm; DMGS: [6d6] fire

    Meteor Swarm; DMGS: H[6d6] fire

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    I added:

    Meteor Swarm; DMGS: 6d6 fire
    and tried to roll damage dice of 6d6 fire, it adds the spell damage but it calculates 1/2 damage based on last save for the total of the applied damage dies and the extra effect. All failed saves is easy just 24d6 for meteor storm, but when some of the rolls save, the damage just for that meteor should be halved, has anyone found a solution for that?

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    Tested a work-around, seems to work reasonably well.

    Applied the -4 SAVE effect, I thing in FGU one can actually apply "DC: 4" effect IFTAG: evocation; DC: 4

    Applied the following effects for one roll:
    Meteor Swarm 1; DMGS: 3d6 fire
    Meteor Swarm 2; DMGS: 3d6 fire
    Meteor Swarm 3; DMGS: 6d6 fire
    Meteor Swarm 4; DMGS: 3d6 fire


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