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    lfp - pf1 adventure path: ruins of azlant (thu nights)

    (24 may) looking for 1 player

    thx for the interest!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    fg classic: gm has standard license; players need standard license / subscription
    pathfinder adventure path: ruins of azlant (aquatic, remote, survival: ruins of azlant player's guide)

    start date: started; currently party level: 10
    timezone: edt / gmt -4 (timezone converter)
    frequency: weekly, thu nights
    duration: 4-hr session, 19h30 prompt start
    term: longer

    text / voice: mix of both
    voip: discord
    recorded: no

    roleplay / combat mix: will try to keep it 50/50
    number of players: 4-5
    start level / equipment: wealth-per-level; advancement - ap milestones
    pc build restrictions: no gunslinger or summoner; no evil; otherwise, most races / classes allowed
    game books restrictions: most paizo pathfinder material allowed, except "blood of fiends"
    game ruling: to keep consistent and regular pacing, will stick with ap contents and mostly r.a.w.

    current party comp:
    1) lore warden / wizard
    2) monk
    3) fighter / rogue
    4) wizard
    5) oracle

    pm me for questions and more details.

    check out ap skins here.
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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Was interested before, but had some issues coming up that I couldn't change. Those are past and a Thursday night game is perfect. Game would start at 5pm or 6pm for me. Class preferences would be a Diviner Wizard, Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue, Cleric of Abadar (Domains Protection/Travel), or Cleric of Nethys (Domains Knowledge/Magic).

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    I would be interested in playing if you still have room.

    To answer some of your questions from the other thread.

    Timezone - BST: British Summer Time (GMT +1)
    No problem being available for a 4 - 4.5-hour session.
    Level of Interest - Very interested.
    New to FG. Only been using it for a few months, but feel that I'm picking it up pretty quickly.
    Been playing Pathfinder 1 since 2008
    APs - GM'd - Rise of the Runelords and Serpent's Skull. Currently GM'ing - Kingmaker. Played (Completed) - Carrion Crown
    RP'ing Style - Like a good mix of combat and RP'ing. Like to stay in character as much as possible. Only coming out of character for obvious out of game questions or discussions.
    Rules inconsistencies - If I notice them, and the GM is ok with it, I will bring them up but then move on. If it's something I think is important I will discuss it with the GM after the game session, but ultimately it's the GMs game and I'm with whatever ruling they make.
    I'm not opposed to rp'ing out of session but I am not sure how much time I would have for that. Especially with the time zone difference.
    Ideal Table - In general, I'm fairly flexible. I prefer a slightly more serious game. I'm fine with some light-hearted joking but don't want a game that is more joking around than playing. I prefer a group to be generally cohesive. I'm fine with some in-character disagreements (especially if it is well role-played) but don't particularly like games where the characters are constantly screwing each other over.
    Specific Pc - Not really. I stay away from Rogues but am happy to play any other character that is needed to round out the group. Based on what I am seeing so far maybe a fighter type ... but again I'm flexible based on what we need as a group.

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    update, 03 jul — still looking for 1-2 players.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    I am interested in your game. But a couple of possible issues, first I have zero experience with fantasy grounds. I'm a long time user of roll20 and I'm currently thinking of making the jump to this platform. Second, I have never played Pathfinder. I have got several years experience with D&D 3.5 so I'm thinking the learning curve will be minimal.

    I have no problems with Thursday nights starting at 1900 EST; however, Fridays or an 1800 start time would be better for me.

    When it comes to the game, I like a group that works together and not adversarial (in character RP is good as long as its organic and not used as an excuse to troll others). I do like a light hearted group but one that does not let the jokes get in the way of the game. I prefer a mix of RP/combat, 60/40 to 50/50 if fine.

    As for a character choice, I typically wait to see what the party could use and then try and fill that gap. I normally pick something that is utility in nature that enhances the party/members. I do not like min/max but do like to optimize to the party level. This way I'm not a liability to the party, nor do I overshadow anyone.

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    If still looking, would be interested in joining.

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    update, 16 aug — looking for 1 players.

    plz read recruit post (#1) thoroughly.
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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    update, 25 aug — looking for 1 players.

    plz read recruit post (#1) thoroughly.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    update, 24 oct — looking for 1 player.
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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    update, 29 oct — looking for 1 player.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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