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    Just wanted to post a quick hello to any fellow gamers out there,
    being role playing for 20 odd years now (eek showing my age there)
    Am interested in joining any DnD 3.5 games that may be going on.
    I Don't mind what character I play , (as long as its one of the good guys)
    If anyone wants a chat just pm me.

    Best regards all

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    Welcome to the boards, kender. I run a D&D 3.5 open table dungeon crawl game on Saturdays which will be about 2000-0030 your evenings after the time change. You can see the details here at the forum at Four Ugly Monsters.

    You should also check out the Guild message boards if you have not already.

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    Thanks Griogre

    I am going to take a few days to play around with the program (try and suss out how it all works) Read your script of how the adventures have gone so far in dungeon and sounds real cool.
    Best regards Kender

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