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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    Ruleset update posted today changes nextRound function (in longtermeffects.lua).
    		local aCombatantEntries = CombatManager.getSortedCombatantList();
    		if #aCombatantEntries > 0 then
    is now
    		if #aEntries > 0 then

    Also, one important note not covered in the readme is that reminders and events windows must be left open for their alerts to go off at the correct time since that code is in xml scripts rather than standalone lua scripts.
    Good to know. Thanks!

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    It would be awesome if the travel tool worked with fractional values. For example, if I put in 2.5 for speed and click the leftmost travel button then the travel speed gets rounded down to 2 miles per hour (tested with various "Travel by" values). Similarly, entering 0.5 for "travel by X hours" then results in no distance being traveled and no time passing.

    Also a button to reset traveled distance would be overkill but well appreciated.

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    Is this still available?

    The "Attachment 35667" is a dead-end link (which I assumed was the actual extension). Is the Clock Adjuster extension still out there?

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    The latest versions of the extensions are nearly always at the bottom of the first post and have a *.ext format. The one for Clock Adjuster is there. I can't say if it works with the latest iteration of FGU or not though.

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    I'd suggest using the ext on the previous page as it contains updates from newer ruleset changes.
    bmos' extensions
    he/him | Discord Tag: wil.thieme#3396

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    You mean your 03-10 version? The OP seems to contain a 03-11 version. Which one is more up-to-date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weissrolf View Post
    You mean your 03-10 version? The OP seems to contain a 03-11 version. Which one is more up-to-date?
    Mine is more up to date.
    The one in the 1st post does not contain this fix.
    bmos' extensions
    he/him | Discord Tag: wil.thieme#3396

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    Is it possible to have a player mini calendar that is viewable?

    Something like this:

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    Testing in 4E:

    >Clock Adjuster 5E/PFRPG2/PFRPG: drops the "set" fields from the original, and replaces them with two new fields. you can adjust these to whatever number you wish, then when doubleclicked, will adjust the clock by the specified number in hours and give either a >short rest or a long/overnight rest.

    This does not seem to be working in 4E. Tested using bmos latest version.

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    Added the 4E ruleset to the code. Kinda works. In 4e, Short Rest returns spent Encounter Powers. Long Rest returns Daily and Encounter Powers. Its reversed now (Short Rest giving Daily and Encounter, Long only Encounter).

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