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    Are the 5e rules changed from nWoD?

    I haven't been keeping track of the goings-on with the V20 and 5e stuff, have the rules been fundamentally altered since the new World of Darkness back a decade ago? By 'rules' I mean the core mechanics of how the dice rolling works, specializations, initiative, attacks, that sort of thing. I'm certain that details like what various disciplines do has been altered between versions, but that's not stuff that would've been automated in a ruleset anyhow. Basically, I'm curious whether a 5e ruleset could work for Vampire the Requiem game or if the nuts and bolts have changed too much for it to work.

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    Some mechanics have been inspired from nWoD to revamp 5e but they are not the same, the clans and the disciplnes are diffent for example. You would need many adaptations of your Requiem game to fit in 5e rather than trying to make fit 5e to Requiem.
    Better use the old nWoD ruleset IMOH.

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    I would, except I've never been able to find a nWoD ruleset. Just a bunch of screenshots of one that was in development back in 2016 but never saw the light of day as far as I've been able to determine.

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    This old one still works in FGC, depending on which functionalities you want of course.

    And you could of course use MoreCore.

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