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    RPer looking for a game

    Hi, I am very new to this system but not new to table top RPG games and D&D. I am in the EST zone and I am free most any evenings. I am not beholding to a specific character or class/race combination and just wish to get back into the swing of a good, fun RPG. I have experience in Eberron in the city and also in the wilderness as well as much of the Dragonmarked lore that goes with it.

    Or if you have a different world in mind, I am all ears.

    I do not like frag fests and power gaming. I am very comfortable using the 32 point buy system as an extreme.

    Thank you.
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    Professionals only need apply!

    Great to see you here Casdegere. Good luck on finding a matching game that meets your needs.

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    Someone is starting a game

    If you look at the post title A New Savage Tide Campaign in the Guild Hall someone is starting a Thursday campaign.

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