SmiteWorks, Wizards of the Coast, and the D&D team are pleased to offer The Dragon of Icespire Peak module as a free adventure for a limited time. With schools and businesses closed around the world, many families are looking to start playing. This free module is a great introduction to the D&D world that should help pass the time and bring people closer through remote gameplay.

Dragon of Icespire Peak will be free to use from April 30, 2020 through May 30, 2020. The rest of the D&D Essentials Kit can be acquired by purchasing this product. If you wish to continue playing this adventure after after the free usage date, you can pick up a copy of D&D Essentials Kit for your account and continue where you left off. This adventure should provide entertainment for about five gaming sessions of 3 to 4 hours each.

To install, simply run an Update. It will automatically install for all licensed Fantasy Grounds Users. Create a new 5E campaign and open it from Library > Modules

Have fun and stay safe.