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Thread: No PayPal?

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    No PayPal?

    Newbie here, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place or if it's a repeat thread.

    In going to the store on the website, I noticed that there's no option to pay via PayPal. From what I can remember, none of the sites the store links you to have that option either. Any particular reason for this?

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    I believe RPGNow has a paypall option.

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    Both RPG Now and DriveThruRPG (collectively OneBookShelf) have PayPal option. We too intend to add PayPal to our payment options (and thus make bundle discounts available for PayPal payments) but the other thing is currently on the foreground.

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    Apparently I didn't check thoroughly enough. It is good news that the main store is getting a PayPal option too, though.
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    You can also use PayPal in Digital Adventures' new online store!

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    Is there any projected time as to when PayPal will be an option here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loren Soth
    Is there any projected time as to when PayPal will be an option here?
    No, not really.

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