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    Battlemap for Fountain of Health adventure from Dungeon Magazine #39

    Just got into Fantasy Grounds and the 2E ruleset and wanted to start with a simple adventure to see what module creation felt like. Figured I'd share the battlemap I created for the "Fountain of Health" adventure from Dungeon Magazine #39. Wish I could share the full module in case anyone wants to use it, but I'm pretty sure that would violate copyright.

    Interestingly, I remember this adventure from my youth because it came with a fold-out battlemap right in the magazine. You can see what the old one looked like here:

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    Love the map, thank you for sharing with the community !
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    Yes, cool map, thanks for sharing!

    FG has the ability to add grids on its own, so there is no reason to include a grid.

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    Thanks, I'll remember that next time I post a map. I did that because I find it easier to sync up the FG grid with the map, but I understand others might not want that.

    If anyone wants one without grid lines, I can generate that quickly too.

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    Nice work. What software did you use?
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    Looks like dungeondraft for the map. Nice map and thanks for posting.
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    Yes, it was Dungeondraft. My first time trying to make a battlemap in over a decade and I found that software very easy to learn.

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    Thanks for sharing the cool map!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterno View Post
    Thanks, I'll remember that next time I post a map. I did that because I find it easier to sync up the FG grid with the map...
    The usual trick for FG maps is to create just a single 5' grid square in one of the corners. This makes it easy to align the FG grid, but means that the base map grid doesn't get in the way.

    For example:

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    Awesome, thanks for the tip!

    In retrospect, on this map, since the temple has tiled floor, I probably could have just used the floor graphic too!

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    Here's the version with no grid and the map rotated so up is North.

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