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    I have played Borous in a temporally later SFS scenario. I was not able to find any rules on this, but can I have a character play an earlier scenario that I have not played before? While it is totaly on brand for Borous to create a time paradox, I want to make sure I have prepared a different character ahead of time if I need to play a different character.

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    Having played a later scenario has no mechanical consequences. Though there is a potential for timey-wimey stuff (and players already being familiar with the brand new enemies..).

    Looking at the calendar it seems like with that all spots are currently taken (but it's difficult to tell if players don't also sign up in the thread).

    For those unfamiliar with specials, please be aware that they are very hectic, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend them as your first SF game.

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    I already sent a PM this morning but just to reiterate: Make sure to also sign up in this thread (if you are only signed up in the game calendar) so I know whether all spots are taken or not.

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    To the best of my knowledge, I was the 6th to join, but because the game if full and you would recommend that since I have only played one starfinder session as a player, I will sit this one out so someone else can take my slot.

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    Feel free to still (re)join. The comment was intended to state that including you, all spots would be filled.

    Considering Cfwade likely won't be able to make it due to technical limitations, you would in fact be the 5th to sign up. The previous comment referred to jrock1 who signed up on the game calendar but not in this thread.

    Be aware that specials are hectic, so there's not too much time to clear up rules in-between. If you are familiar with PF1 or PF2, you should however not have too much trouble.

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    Hi Stephan,
    How do I sign-up in this thread? If it's stating that 'I'm signing up;' then I'm signing up! I'm running a Soldier 1 / Solarian 1 (Tier 2). I can provide the character .xml export on game-day if needed.

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    Thanks, yes, that's all that's really needed.

    As far as I can tell one spot still open.

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    Do I need to join starfinder society to play? or just a character ?
    I'd love to play
    I signed up with a vesk solarian, but I also have a half elf mechanic "ace pilot"
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    You'll need a Paizo Organized Play # (though I can also allocate one to you) so you can receive SFS credit (you are of course free to simply ignore it) as well as follow the character creation rules in the Guide (if you stick to the CRB you should be fine though).

    So you'll have to join SFS (and follow the SFS rules) but you are of course free to simply ignore it afterwards.

    Apart from that, there's not too much difference between SFS and regular SF, there's just less leeway for both GMs and well as players.

    As already mentioned, I would advise you to have some familiarity with SF - specials can get pretty hectic.

    Should you join, let me know if you need the server up to build your character.

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    The server will be up in around 30 minutes (game start in 90 minutes). Be sure to be there on time.

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