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    5E - Automatic Pack Tactics

    This is now available on DMs Guild Here

    This extension will automatically apply pack tactics advantage for npcs with the trait "Pack Tactics" as long as there is another token from the same faction (friend, neutral, faction, foe) within 5' of the target token.

    Version 1.0: Base features described above.
    Version 1.1: Added check for PCs with the trait "Pack Tactics" to also gain benefit from this if playing the Kobold race.
    Version 1.2: Fixed a nil check for PCs with no traits setup.
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    Thanks again so much for doing this!!!

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    Thanks for making this! Another thing that I don't have to remind a player to account for. Greatly appreciated.

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    Man you are awesome. Question/suggest is it possible to put several of your extensions into one extension. I.e. blindsight/truesight, ongoing saves, pack tactics together as one.
    I don't know much on making extensions was just wondering. These very practical and needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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    I’m trying to keep things separate just so people can pick and choose. It also makes it much easier to maintain if there’s any issues with something. I could make a post that just has all off my extensions if people prefer, that way there’s a single place to look...

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    Ok I can see the logic there. Yeah if its easier for maintenance. Thank you again so much. These are quite nice and practical.

    EDIT: Maybe you can have a moderator post the community extension page. That's a good central hub for folks to look for them.
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    With Kobolds now being a playable race, is it possible to make this work with PCs?

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    Sure, I’ll take a look and update for PCs with pack tactics also. I didn’t realize there were any with it.

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    Could you so something similar for things like being within 10ft of a paladin you get advantage on saves va magic, for example?

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    As far as auras go, I’m working on something for that. But nothing to announce as of yet.

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