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    Quote Originally Posted by RexUniversalis View Post
    If you're willing to collaborate and share I'm willing to help out with any of the rote data entry or whatever you need to get this moving forward faster.
    That would be amazing! Would love to collaborate however possible.

    I’m currently working on the cyberware tab of the character sheet, as well as the item window for it.

    After this I plan to create a Inventory tab with the ability to also equip weapons/amor/cyberware there. (And show the weapons on the main tab.)

    Then I plan to move on to the NPC records, get those built in a way that I can parse all the automation data needed for combat, and start coding the combat automation.

    If you have a license to Ruleset Wizard, and the skill set there for the Lua coding and all needed, we might be able to divvy up some tasks— but “source control” isn’t really easily done to my knowledge with this tool- so merging the work will be a copy-pasta-extravaganza (thusly error prone.)

    However once I get the Item, NPC, and Role records all implemented - would definitely be great to get help with the creation of a module with whatever data we’re allowed to include here.

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    Just an update, this is how I am implementing cyberware. (See screenshot):

    Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 11.17.43 PM.png

    I still need to add the other categories, but, this is quite a complicated (though I hope useful!) solution. What it does:
    • Has a foundational piece for each category
    • Can only slot foundational pieces in the appropriate slot (if marked foundational, and has the right Type and Subtype)
    • Can only slot cyberware in the list if there is a foundational piece and enough slots left
    • Also checks that the pieces are the right subtype for each category
    • Automatically rolls HL loss (not you should take the parenthetical if at character creation)
    • Automatically parses the "bonuses" section and adds this bonus to the character. Curently supports INIT (for initiative), and all skills (by full skill name). Will be adding support for Armor SP as well.
    • Allows for removal of pieces, which then removes the bonus that was added for it as well

    I hope people like the direction I've gone in! I think it will make it easier to keep track of and run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    looking great seansps
    Thank you! I’ll keep trucking along!

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    Hi all, wanted to provide a little update on my RED ruleset dev progress.

    I've just about wrapped up the implementation of NPCs. (See the screenshot below.)

    Essentially, you can choose different types. The default "Mook" type is shown here with all the stats as rollable fields. The Death Save field is rollable and auto-applies a penalty to death saves and a Death effect (if failed) on each roll. Weapons/attacks are handled by creating an entry there or dragging an applicable Weapon item type. (Since ranged weapons have the DV table for each range.) The skills are all rollable by mousing over each one (if you are familiar with 5e in FG, it's similar.) ALSO, if you have > 8 on a REF for a Mook, it shows a "Dodge" button (which defaults to the Evasion skill base if set below). The Dodge button applies a "Dodge:DV" effect to set the the DV to hit the NPC.

    Programs/Black ICE/ and even Demons are all NPC types. See the screenshot for examples. Programs and Black Ice have rollable fields for their stats. Programs/Demons have an "Interface" field (for a Program, this will be the Netrunner's interface). If the "effect" of the program has a value like "1d6 damage direct" or "2d6 REZ" then those become rollable for Damage. "REZ" and "Direct" are damage types that ignore the critical injury feature. For loading a Program on a Cyberdeck, I plan on implementing the Cyberdeck on the actions tab (similar to my Cyberware implementation.) It will allow slotting items of Type "Cyberware" and Subtype "Cyberdeck Hardware/Software" with the intent that the GM can link the NPC in the details of the Software for placing on the combat tracker during netrunning.

    Next up, I will begin the actual combat automation and updates to the combat tracker. Combat automation will involve looking at the range of the targeted token, and if found, looking up the DV of the Range Table for the Ranged Weapon. (OR using the DV of the Dodge value of the NPC if they have the DODGE:DV effect.) And similarly, for Melee Weapons, the plan is to automate the Evasion roll and compare that with the attacker's roll for hits. I also plan for a configurable option for Head/Body critical injury tables, which will be rolled on critical damage (two 6's) and using effects such as "AIM:HEAD" to determine if we're hitting the head. And of course, damage will ablate armor as applicable. Additional effects such as IGNORESP:11 will be implemented to ignore SP of a certain value, etc.

    Lots to do, but it's coming along! When it's all done, I plan on writing up some documentation or maybe doing a video to go over all the features.

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    Got an update on progress. Combat automation is nearly complete. (I still need to code up a few things effect-related and ensure I test it all.)

    Here's a preview in screenshots.

    First you can see our character is targeting the NPC below them in initiative order.


    Next, you can see they attacked with their simple Brawling attack. (No actual "item" exists for it, as they do for the other weapons, but the system automatically knows to apply the right amount of damage per the body stat, and if they are using a cyberarm or not.)
    It was a hit, as you can see the NPC automatically rolled Evasion, and it was not enough to dodge the attack!


    Finally, our PC rolls for damage. As mentioned before, it is automatically determined by body. The damage type is not set for this, so that means it is default damage that will ablate armor. [Other damage types that can be set are: fire, explosive, poison, drug, direct (used by programs, doesn't ablate), rez (used only by programs can only affect programs), ignorespX (ignores SP beneath that value in X), halfsp (used by martial arts automatically, ignores half/roundup of the enemy sp)]


    You can see the target's armor (body) is ablated. The rest that made it past the armor, goes to the HP. The roll text displays what happened, but not the amount that got past (as that is known only the DM.) The client window in this case will show "Lightly Wounded" as their HP (and not the value.) As they get Seriously Wounded, it is updated. And then Mortally Wounded as well. For programs, the Client CT shows "Rezzed" or "Derezzed".


    There are many other features that are done already, too. In the screenshots above, note the "HEAD", "LEG", "ITEM" buttons. Clicking those let's you target those specifically. An effect is applied during combat that carries over to your damage if you hit. Heads do extra damage (x2, or x3 if they have "Cracked Skull" as an effect.) The other targeting buttons will apply effects pertinent to their outcome, but in each case, a -8 modifier is applied to the attack roll.

    In the case where the PC attacks with a ranged weapon, if the PC is targeting a token on a map and if the item they are using to attack with has all the To Hit DV entered in the item window, it will automatically determine if they hit or missed based on the range. For NPC's with REF >= 8, the GM can hit a "Dodge" button before hand on the NPC stat block sheet to roll for Evasion and apply a "DODGE:DV" affect. This will then be used INSTEAD of the ranged to hit values. (And yes, the "Ammo" button as shown on the character sheet does reload the weapon using "Basic" ammunition of the proper type, if they have any in their inventory. It updates the totals appropriately, or outputs a message if they don't have enough. And the ammo counter goes down by 1 for normal shots, 10 for Autofire!)


    Next up, I will code in the automatic application of critical injuries per those tables, and then move on to adding the ability to enter the Roles (Classes), and track the Role Ranks and abilities on the character sheet properly.
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    Hi Everyone:

    I've made a fully functional (albeit Beta-version) Cyberpunk RED ruleset.

    V1.0 Now on the Forge!:

    - Unity support only!
    - This is a very much a beta version. There might be warnings/errors.
    - I've left a lot of DEBUG statements in.
    - Due to Copyright Concerns, the Module does not contain exact Items/NPCs/or verbiage for the two Role examples included. (If I get permission to include more, I will!)
    - Two examples of Roles are included to help you get started entering the others

    General Features:
    - Click and Drag Roles (from Roles List) to the Character Sheet to Add 1 Rank - This adds all Role Abilities under "Abilities" and the features for that Rank there too. You'll do this four times for the starting Role, since they start at 4.
    - Click and Drag another Role if you want to Multiclass
    - Roles can be removed from the Roles Window (link on the Character Sheet)
    - Character Sheets have all Skills (rollable, with ability to set Level and Misc bonuses) as well as rollable stats
    - Death Saves are automatically rolled when Mortally Wounded (this can be turned off in the options) or rolled manually on the Character's Sheet
    - Inventory list with Cash / Fashion text area / and Encumbrance (Cash only allows "eb")
    - Weapons can be Equipped/Unequipped from the Inventory list (or click and dragged to the Attack area on the char sheet)
    - Equipping Weapons shows them on the first tab to roll attacks
    - Equipping a weapon with certian Special's (Autofire, Suppressive Fire, or Shell) adds those as attacks to the attack list -- each is automated per the combat features below
    - Ranged weapons have an Ammo field and Reload button in the Attack list -- Reload looks in the Inventory for items of type "Ammunition" with "Basic" in the name and a Subtype that matches the "Magazine Type" of the weapon being used to attack. It loads to the "Magazine Capacity" and deducts from Inventory.
    - Equipping Armor is done from inventory or dragging to Armor slot in the first tab adds to inventory
    - Equipping Armor sets the SP which is used during combat (more below) (Valid subtypes are Head, Body, and Shield. These must be set to equip.)
    - Items have a drop down for Type which changes some fields. Ranged Weapons can select an associated skill (used in combat) and if Special has "Autofire (X)" in it, the ability to enter the Autofire DV table appears. Used in Combat.
    - Shields use the SP value as HP which combat treats as COVER (Same as the effect.)
    - Cyberware tab has slots for Foundational Cyberware (requires items of type Cyberware / and the Subtype for that slot, that are marked Foundational
    - The Foundational Cyberware sets amount of slots
    - Non-foundational Cyberware can be slotted in the right area. Bonus are applied when slotted. Bonuses are formatted as such (replace X with a number): SKILL:X, INIT:X, SP:X
    - The Cyberware with SP is used during combat
    - The Actions tab has a section for the Cyberdeck (Expects items of type Cyberware, subtype Cyberdeck)
    - The Actions tab can also be used to add "Abilities" (see module for examples - should have Solo and Netrunner abilities.)
    - The lifepath tab has a rollable Reputation field for Facedowns
    - Right click and click Rest on a character to "Rest" them. They heal if they do not have a "Lightly Wounded", "Seriously Wounded", or "Mortally Wounded" effect. If so, they need the "Stabilized" effect. They heal an amount = to the their body.
    - Module includes a decal

    Combat Features:
    - Abilities can be implemented and added on the Abilities Tab (the module has some examples). Abilities can have Damage, an Effect (more below), or list a rollable Skill or primary Role Ability which makes it rollable (and you can set a DV)
    - Combat is fully automated:
    - Dodging is automatically rolled for all MELEE attacks. If the effect "DODGE:X" is applied already, X is used as the DV
    - For Ranged combat, Dodging is not autorolled, but NPCs with >= 8 REF have a DODGE button on their stat block that applies the DODGE effect and then the shot uses this instead of the ranged DV table
    - If tokens are placed on the map and the targets are set right, then the Range between the Attacker and the Defender is used for the lookup of the DV for the ranged weapons. Ranged weapons use their item's DV table (or Autofire DV if that was set.)
    - Additionally, if Autofire HITS the multiplier to damage is applied for the next damage roll (effect is: DMGMULT:X). Not to exceed the value in parentheses for autofire.
    - Suppressive fire triggers a Concentration roll on the NPCs target and displays the result (no damage button on the PC's character sheet as N/A)
    - Autofire and Suppressive fire Deduct 10 bullets from the Ammo field
    - Shotgun "Shell" attack always uses DV 13 or says IMPOSSIBLE SHOT if the ranged was too far
    - If there was no range (tokens no set on map) the "HIT/MISS" icons will not show up, but just the result
    - If the Module above is loaded, Critically Injuries are automatically rolled for 2 6's or if a target with the "Mortally Wounded" status is hit. A roll of 2 6's also adds 5 bonus damage (which ignores armor.)
    - Armor is automatically ablated for the right damage types that allow it, if damage gets through
    - Cover is done with the COVER:X affect -- It is automatically updated if it gets damaged and removed if destroyed. If the damage was "explosive" type, then the full damage gets through, else it is blocked.
    - You can add a manual attack to the ATTACK list on Characters or NPCs. You can set the skill. Brawling / Martial Arts automatically does damage based on Body or if a Cyberarm is equipped in the Cyberware tab. Martial arts ignores half SF. (Damage type: halfsp).
    - Programs can be added to the Combat Tracker. They use the "Effect" section for their damage dealing effects. Damage is click-and-draggable. If the format is "1d6 REZ" for example, it does REZ damage which can only hurt other programs. "1d6 damage direct" does DIRECT damage which ignores SP and only hurts non-programs.
    - Aiming can be done with effects, "AIM:HEAD", "AIM:ARM", "AIM:LEG" or simply clicking the buttons near the dice tray. They reduce your attack by 8, and apply the relevant effects on hit. Aiming at the head causes the damage to check against the targets HEAD SP and does double (or triple if they have a Cracked Skull) damage.
    - There's also handy buttons for -1,-2,-4,+1,+2,+4 which can apply to any attack, damage roll, or skill roll.
    - There are various NPC types -- the default is Mook / Grunt. "Team Member" is much like this except it has loyalty, which is rollable per the Exec's Team Member rules.
    - Adding items to NPC's for attacks is dong by dragging an Item there, or adding one manually. It's better to use a pre-existing one for ranged weapons due to the DV to Hit Tables
    - The Combat Tracker shows Armor for NPCs and PCs, and Defense values for Programs. The attacks in the Combat Tracker or only shown for NPCs. Programs show the relevant "Effect" section and either Interface (for Demons) or ATK.
    - NPC types that are Programs (netrunning) are slightly different. They have an "Effect" field that has highlightable damage text mentioned before.
    - Mook and Team Member NPCs have a "Skill Bases" section. Enter it like you see in the PDF. Then, you can click and drag, or double click, on skill bases to roll the skills

    - These effects are used by the system per the above. Replace X with a number.
    - Seriously Wounded and Mortally Wounded apply their penalties automatically.

    • ABLATE:X
    • AIM:ARM
    • AIM:HEAD
    • AIM:LEG
    • ATK:X
    • Cracked Skull
    • DMG:X
    • DODGE:X
    • Fumble Recovery
    • Grappled; -2 to All Actions
    • Grappling; -2 to All Actions
    • INIT:X
    • Mortally Wounded
    • SAVE:X
    • Seriously Wounded
    • Stabilized
    • -X to All Actions
    • Death Save Penalty is increased by 1.
    • COVER:X

    - ABLATE:X ablates armor by X if it gets through (for armor piercing rounds)
    - INIT adds the value to initiative
    - SAVE adds the value to their Death Saves it is automatically added on the CT when saves are rolled
    - DMG increases damage by that amount, before armorr
    - DMGMULT multiples, before armor
    - DEFLECT is used for Solo's Damage Deflection (ability included in module)

    Damage Types

    Not specified - Generic damage, per usual
    Direct - Done by programs to Netrunners, ignores all Armor and does not ablate (can use for abilities like “Choke” too!)
    REZ - Only affects programs
    Poison, Fire, or Drug - Ignores SP
    IGNORESPX - Ignores SP less than X (Example, 3d6 IGNORESP11 will do 3d6 damage and ignore SP less than 11, otherwise check as usual. Damage ablates armor that gets through.)
    Explosive - If cover destroyed, full damage gets through, otherwise, stopped like usual
    HALFSP - Used by Martial Arts, ignores Half the target's SP rounded up, can also set this on Melee Weapons
    NOCRIT - damage that does not trigger a critical injury if 2 6's come up



    Please let me know of any bugs or questions and I'll try to address as soon as I can!

    Planned Features, not yet implemented:
    - Better Netrunning Combat Automation (similar to how Melee combat is done now)
    - Better blocks for Vehicles (using the default CoreRPG ones now)
    - Buttons to generate characters

    Known Issues:
    - Clicking and dragging an NPC in the Combat Tracker to "copy" them errors. (Adding a copy of the NPC must be done from the NPCs list for now.).
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    3 More Screenshots:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Awesome thanks for your hard work! Can't wait to give it a try with my group.
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