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    5E RFIA Addon - Manual spell/concentration/death saves, NPC support, Contested skill

    5E - Roll For Initiative Addon - Request roll for players/NPCs , manual spell/concentration/death saves for players/NPCs, contested rolls (coming soon)

    Hi all,

    I am DMing for my group and there are two main things they want:

    1. To be able to roll their own spell/concentration saves
    2. To be able to do a contested skill check (mainly grapple).

    I know there was a lot of original discussion about whether people wanted RFI, but I do want it and this is for my players, so thought I would share also. Looking for feedback, but if you dont want to use it then that is fine by me .

    After using st4lk3r87 's addon Roll For Initiative ( ) , i thought it would make a great base for my extension.

    st4lk3r87 has kindly given me permission to "improve, use or copy the extension as a separate one" for which I am very grateful!

    Video tutorials:
    Part 1 PC roll functionality:
    Part 2 NPC roll functionality:
    Part 3 Override saves:

    I hope that some people get use of it, at very worst I know my players and I will . Thank you again to st4lk3r87 !!

    This is a stand alone extension, DO NOT use for with original RFI extension.

    Previous Stable Version (0.17):Attachment 36307
    Known Differences
    • This only works for FGU and 5e! (RFI worked for FGC and 5e). This should now work with FGC, it is still 5E only. (I am now doing basic testing in FGC, but please be prepared for a higher chance of bugs than in FGU).
    • This populates from the Combat Tracker (to allow for NPCs to be added as well as PCs and to help performance with large number of NPCs).
    • Tutorial disabled.

    FGU Fixes
    • UI for rolls list was not displaying the modifier information - Fixed
    • Buttons not displaying correctly - Fixed

    • 0.1
      • Added button so GM can see rolls if he accidentally closes the rolls list
      • Added NPCs (can request rolls for multiple NPCs, can request initiative for multiple NPCs) - essential for future work on contest checks
      • Added option (off by default) for manual saves for concentration/spell saves/ death saves two separate options for NPCs and PCs - now players can click roll rather than be automatic (and if the DM really wants to they can for NPCs if they turn it on).
    • 0.11
      • Modifiers in the main table desktop do not wipe after roll - Fixed
      • Override save modifiers not always showing on ui - Fixed
      • Players now have green dot if they have no rolls waiting, red dot if greater than or equal to one roll waiting.
    • 0.12
      • Error when using save from character sheet for override save - Fixed
      • UI not displaying correcly in 5e theme - Fixed
      • NPC skill proficiency not working with capital letters - Fixed
    • 0.13
      • Roll window opening size slightly smaller. Allowed to manual size to even smaller.
      • Fixed grammar issue
      • Added slash commands to be able to open both the create request, and roll list windows.
    • 0.15
      • New icon graphics added for 5E theme and core side buttons / colored button theme. THANK YOU TO ZUILIN FOR PROVIDING THESE!
      • Added the option to turn off the RFIA button in the corner if users want to instead just use the slash commands.
      • Modifier stack in the roll for initiative screen not clearing. - Fixed
      • Unintendified mobs are revealed to the player on the roll screen - Fixed
      • Request roll screen no longer uses filters - major update to try help improve speed of opening the window.
    • 0.16
      • Removed accidentally left in debug messages.
      • Corrected some inconsistencies in the wording.
    • 0.17
      • Should now be compatible with FGC. THANK YOU TO BOKEELIA.
    • 0.18
      • Fixed bug with D100 where it rolled two D10s instead of one.
      • Added a select random NPC and a select random PC button. Please note, that the limitations of LUA require one second between each button press to make this random.
      • Added compatibility with Better Menus addon.
    • 0.19
      • Fixed bug on loading in FGC created by release 0.18

    • Hide DC from chat when the show DC rolls is set to off (Not possible without overriding too much code for my liking)
    • Grapple contested button - allows player to instigate grapple contested challenge, resolve it and apply grapple as necessary
    • Optional use of inspiration point if it's available
    • Push contested button - allows player to instigate push contested challenge, resolve it and apply grapple as necessary
    • Use of manual skills
    • Manual contested button - allows players/DMs to create contest between any abilities/saves/checks that they want.

    • Output check text includes the word "[Effects]" twice. Also want to get rid of the word effects from the roll screen.

    COMPATIBILITY LIST (As far as I know, please let me know if issues)

    Capture 2.PNG
    Capture 3.PNG
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Bug reporting

    Please report bugs using the following form:

    Bug Reporting Form

    Are you using the latest version of FGU and the extension?

    Are you using any other extensions?

    What is the problem?

    Try to describe the steps to recreate the error.

    If possible please copy and paste your console log:

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    First release version 0.12 in the original post. Please let me know any issues

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    Very nice!

    Any way the player popup window (Time to Roll) could be narrower? It's very wide.

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    Also, for grammar's sake, even in the original RFI extension the button to remove selection of all PC's was called "Unselect all PC's." The correct term is actually "Deselect..."

    Would it be possible to change that on next release, please? It will make the product just that much more professional looking.

    Keep up the great work!

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    I can think of one more thing... a slash command or link so it can be put in a hotbar item for easy access by F-key.

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    Hi zuilin, all great suggestions.

    I will do an interim release which will implement those three suggestions.

    I also noticed that the roll list screen doesnt always come to the top, I am unsure if this is an FGU issue or my extension but will look into it.

    Finally, I might test to see if I can make it compatible with Enhancer extension (it might already be, but will look into it).

    Thank you!
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    0.13 released attached to original post

    • 0.13
      • Roll window opening size slightly smaller. Allowed to manually size to even smaller.
      • Fixed grammar issue
      • Added slash commands to be able to open both the create request and roll list windows.

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    Fantastic! Great job!

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