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    I am looking to find out what FG extensions others are able to use.

    I have been able to use:
    Window Saver - by Lokiare
    Ready Check - by Celestian

    If there are any others that have been sussessful in not getting Errors. I'd like to know which ones. Looking for some that might make quality of game easier to handle as an ST.

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    Realized I used Mods not extensions after I posted thread. Never post stuff when just waking up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenSaint View Post
    Realized I used Mods not extensions after I posted thread.
    No you didn’t! ;-)
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    Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but these may help.

    Extensions that I have used so far include: AudioOverseer, Safety Toolkit, and FGtabber. All available here in the forums.

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    In VTM5TH I only have found Basic Card Deck Tables useful so far to simulate cards random pick in New Blood official scenario.

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    I'm using;
    Window Saver X2
    Safety Toolkit
    Better Menus

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