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    Quote Originally Posted by TriOpticon View Post
    So I usually do Create Item (right click in the Powers/Gadgets section and select create item). Then I give it a name and right click and do Create Power. I then click on the new star button and there I add my Effects:
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    Thank you very much!!!
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    another question, how do you do strength based damage?
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    As a power or in a combat/offense? Give me an example of what power you are building, maybe list it like you would on a regular character sheet.

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    like a power with strength based damage. i'm trying to make an attack with swords and i want it strength based
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    @Wookiee420 I found to handle Extras/Flaws on Traits I added the Enhanced Trait and then add the Extra/Flaws. The important step is to set the Effects cost to zero so as not to include the cost of the Effect since its not technically added on top of the base trait. Here's a screen shot of Impervious Toughness for Superman as an example. He has Impervious on his 18 Toughness. Maybe someone has some alternate ways to do it, but this what I found. This can also be used if only partial strength is added as damage by just changing the rank of Enhanced Trait effect to a value less than the user's strength.


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    thank you, that makes sense, but a strength based damage would be like Thor swinging Stormbreaker. Here is what the book says about it page 156
    If you choose, a Damage effect can be Strength based—something like a melee weapon—allowing your Strength Damage to add to it. You add your Strength and Damage ranks together when determining the rank of the attack. Any modifiers applied to your damage must also apply to your Strength rank if its bonus damage is to benefit from them. However, any decrease in your Strength reduces the amount you can add to your Damage, and negative Strength subtracts from your Damage! Likewise, anything that prevents you from exerting your Strength also stops you from using a Strength-based Damage effect. If you can’t swing your fist, you can’t swing a sword, either. On the other hand, a laser blade or thuderbolt staff does the same damage whether you can exert your Strength with it or not.
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    Ah I get what you're saying. At this point i would just write up the Hammer as the power and then add all the Effects including the Enhanced Trait (with cost set to zero) to boost the Damage up to add in the characters strength. There's currently no automation that I'm aware of to add the characters Strength directly. Also since the Damage Rank is added to 15 for the Toughness save the Character/NPC will have to mentally make the add when rolling the Toughness save. It's no longer automatic to allow Players to be able to roll there own saves.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Ah forget it. I see the problem. Strength provides Damage is an "implicit" extra based on the context of the Power created (aka Melee weapons). You might be able to get away with it by Adding the Damage as two separate Effects, one for the base weapon ability and the second being the Characters Strength with Flaws to take out the cost. I've been trying it but it seems Reduced Trait flaw might not be calculating or just doesn't work as expected.

    With that said, the combat section does not provide a Damage text block with the Attack where the implicit add of strength could go. Maybe a future enhancement would make that possible.

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    Any estimates (guestimates?) on when this goes from test to live?

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    After testing of the new auto damage feature I added and should go live shortly after.

    Please check first post for a new update hitting and information on what was added.
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