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    Official Symbaroum Bug Reports Thread

    Use this thread to post any ruleset specific issues to track and get resolved. When reporting, please provide steps in reproducing the issue and any images if possible.
    Dominic Morta
    Ruleset Developer

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    Players Combat Tracker and DM's Combat Tracker show in a different order.

    Initiative order is done by the Quick stat, and in case of a tie by the Vig stat.
    When there are characters with tied Quick, my (The DM) combat tracker has everything in the correct order. However, the players puts characters before NPCs so when I click next to advance the turn order, it appears to skip the players turn, then goes back to it, from the players point of view.

    To reproduce, create characters with the same initiative as an NPC but different (lower) Vig, and add them to the combat tracker.

    Running the latest FGUnity, Symbaroum, no extensions. Screenshot from my PC running As DM in the right (large) monitor, and as player in the left (lower res) monitor.
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    Chronicle of the Copper Crown - Gorak-Blight Born NPC error

    Spoilers for NPC in Mark of the Beast

    1) The stats provided for Gorak Blight-Born do NOT match those from the Symbaroum pdf of the adventure, notably claw damage 12/10 in the pdf, 9/9 in FG, and Tough Skin 6 in pdf, Tough Skin 5 in FG.

    2) The Tough Skin in FG is marked as being NOT WORN and so is not applied during combat. This also throws an error when damage is rolled.
    To duplicate roll damage against Gorak Blight-Born (NPC from the Chronicle of the Copper Crown module).
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    And thanks for reporting these bugs! I will try to look into specifically the issues related to Gorak Blight-Born asap (although a very buzy week) and try to patch that as soon as possible. Seems easy enough.

    The CT ordering is less prioritized I think as it is mostly a graphical glitch if I understand it correctly? Shouldn't be too hard to solve anyway!

    Thanks for the very good bug reports!


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    I also had problem with above. I tried to recreate Gorak based on the swedish rules (wich also differs from the Gorak in the FG module). But my question is more regardning issues with the combat tracker. I know that for PC you have to manually calculate the defense. But When I attack for ex Gorak with my Throwing Axe (To Hit Value 9) I tought that FG should calculate correct hit when dropping the dice on Gorak.

    My created Gorak has a Defense value of +8. Then I need to roll under 9+8=17 to hit. But still FG calculate it as a miss. I have this Issue with not just Gorak but with other NPC as well?

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    That's the way it works with all attacks. It compares the roll with the players to hit, but doesn't account for the creatures defense. You need to do final bit of math yourself, if the success/failures are enough to overcome the creature defenses modifier, in this case +8. It does seem very weird to me it doesn't do that final bit automatically. At least it puts the defense mod on the command line so you can easily tell but....

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    Thanks for your answer.

    But it still seems tom mee that this is not the way it should work? I read the Symbaroum Combat Tracker Wiki and what I can understand you only have to do math when you roll for defense when the NPC attacks you.


    I maybe miss something totally here?

    Regards Warp

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    Not sure where to post this, so hopefully this reaches the right place.

    Having some difficulty with effects and abilities, not sure if these are bugs, if i am doing something wrong, or if the features are incomplete.

    1.) Berserker Frenzy (Rage) - i finally managed to somehow get the "rage" effect applied to the warrior, which IS altering the damage and armor dice while active in the CT (working properly while applied), but i can not activate it from the character sheet, as there is no "+" on the berserker ability on the character sheet. I created a custom effect called "rage" which seems to have engaged the otherwise hidden effect and allows me to drag it onto a PC in the CT from the Effects panel; i then attempted to create a new ability/trait called "berserker - frenzy" and use the actions to apply the "rage" effect with a free action. No luck. Not only does it not apply the effect when double clicking, but i get an error message and the effect name shows as "unknown" on the character sheet when i click the "+" on the newly created ability.

    while i can drag and drop the newly created "rage" effect from the effect panel onto the applicable character in the CT, it would be much nicer if the player could activate this from their character sheet.

    2.) Larvae Boil - the ability appears correctly on the character sheet, unlike "berserker", which includes a roll to check for success, and a button to apply the effect (it would be nice if a successful roll applied the effect automatically to the enemy targeted by the roll) however, the damage is meant to ignore armor. While the "Larvae Boil" effect is applied to the target, it DOES roll the check to maintain automatically, and DOES roll damage automatically on a successful check, but it then rolls armor for the target, possibly negating the damage rolled and requiring a manual change to override this incorrect armor roll.

    3.) Concentration checks - not sure if feasible, but it would be nice if concentration checks were rolled automatically when a player character takes damage; maybe by implementing a "concentration" effect that can be applied to the casting character? again, would be nice if that could be applied automatically when casting a concentration spell, but even just the effect so it can be drag and dropped would be nice.

    3b.) When a check to maintain a spell effect is failed, the effect is not removed from the combat tracker, but it should be. Thats a pretty basic FG function in other systems.

    4.) There seems to be a great number of effects actually programmed into the engine, but none of them show up on the "effects" window, so there is no way to know which ones are present or how they are worded, it was a shot in the dark that i managed to get "rage" applied, so im wondering if thats intentional, and if so, why? it took me ages to finally figure out that a "rage" effect existed (should be called frenzy, since its "berserker frenzy" but all good) and each of the spells ive mentioned seem to have an effect attached to them, so why dont they appear in the effects panel?

    5.) I realize this has been asked before, however... Why on earth is there no capability to drag and drop the "to hit" modifier from an NPC sheet onto a Player Character in the CT? I fully 100% understand the concept of only players rolling dice, but this is a serious downgrade in quality of life over other FG products. As the GM, i need to be able to initiate an attack from an NPC to a PC and have that calculated automatically; this does not cause me as the GM to actually make a roll. It should be possible for me to drag an attack modifier from the NPC sheet or "offense" section of the NPC entry in the CT to force a defense roll from a PC.

    the answers given on this topic are not sufficient and do not actually address the issue - this is a serious inconvenience for a system that is advertised as having "automated mechanics" and the explanation of "only PC's make rolls" doesnt make any sense because its not really having the GM MAKE a roll, so much as FORCE a roll from a PC. Given it is clearly possible for a PC to force a Defense roll from an NPC, it should be equally possible for me as GM to force a defense roll from a PC, even though it doesnt require a roll from the NPC - simply apply the "to hit" modifier from the NPC sheet to the forced PC defense roll. Forcing me to manually communicate the modifier and manually apply the modifier on EVERY single combat roll from an NPC totally negates the purpose of having "automated mechanics" and playing via software instead of via pen and paper - this is the core of the combat gameplay and i am astounded that it was intentionally not added.

    Please make this a priority - i can see multiple people have requested this.

    for what its worth, i have encountered all of these issues in only my first test session with 3 players, where i ran a single combat encounter with 4 NPC (robber + robber chief) vs 3 PC's.

    thats quite a number of issues to have from the very first instance of combat, and to be honest, it leaves me a bit wanting and wondering why this product is being charged out at full price and not labeled as a "beta" version.

    I have read most of the posts, and i understand you have a limited amount of time and manpower to work on these things, of course there is a priority order, but all the issues i have listed are very commonly used actions and should most definitely be a priority. I can only imagine that the issues present with points 1.) and 2.) are present across multiple other abilities. 3.) and 3b.) should definitely be feasible, 4.) seems like an oversight and 5.) well.. that might be a deal breaker, given the advertised convenience of Fantasy Grounds and its ruleset implementation.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hey all!

    First of all - I have some fixes coming up, one of them being the issue that Amnipotent1 describes during 1).

    The fixes include some of the issues seen with NPC's primarily not being able to expand a lot of their abilities. I will try to submit these fixes during the weekend but since my only window is sunday afternoon - depending on long time I have to spend looking for a house.

    These fixes will also include the Gorak issues that you have been reporting.

    Secondly, thank you Amnipotent1 for the very well written bug reports.

    In general, when reporting bug issues it would be very helpful for me if the exact steps to reproduce the issue is listed (as well as any error messages, so that I know that I found the right issue). Preferably from an empty campaign. This helps me to find the bug more quickly and that way I can fix more bugs in shorter time.

    In regards to 2), it sounds like "ignore armor" damage is not working correctly for the Larvae Boil. I will try to look into this.

    3) There exist concentration checks. Please list the effects/spells where this doesn't work.
    3b) Yes, this has worked previously. As there are things changing constantly with FG / CoreRPG sometimes these bugs start to happen without me having even changed something. I will try to look into this as well - but unfortunately these fixes will be after I've committed the current fixes as they need more testing before I can commit them.

    4) The reason why the effects are not listed under the whole effect-list is because they're implemented under the specific abilities. I agree that it would be beneficial if they existed at both places. I don't know how much time it would take to fix this but I will put it on my list.

    5) The motivation is not only "only PC's make rolls" but also that the IP holder of the rpg requested this. As I am only the developer of the ruleset and not the owner of the rpg I have a legal obligation to follow their instructions. I will request this from them again and see if we can get this granted. I am willing to implement it given time and availability and as long as I am allowed to.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having these issues with the ruleset. It has previously been well received and that makes me think that bugs have been introduced even though I have not made any updates to the ruleset. Please understand that I will try my best to fix as many issues as I possibly can.

    Best regards,

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