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    How does one create Effect in PFSRD?

    I've scoured the Forums, wiki, and user manual, but cannot for the life of me find how to create an Effect in my Pathfinder (the original) campaign. I can create Weapons with the sword. I can create spells with the star. But I can't find a way to create an effect. I am trying to add my Barbarian's rage. Please help!

    Using FG Classic, PFSRD campaign. Thank you in advance!

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    Thanks, LordEntrails. Both of these resources talk about Effects, but neither of them actually tell me how to create an effect. Nowhere on the wiki or in the videos I've watched does anyone spell out the steps. For instance, in the wiki page for 5e effects (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/...php/5E_Effects), it says:
    Creating Effects - Player Characters
    In the player Character sheet effects are created in the actions tab. An effect can be added to an existing power or if no power exists a new one can be created.
    Click on the 'Edit List' button at the bottom right hand side of the Actions Tab and then click on the 'star' icon to create a new power group. You can also right click on an existing power and select 'Create Item'
    Type a name into the new line where it says <<name>>. This will be the name of the action that you are going to create. You can also type into the right hand box to give the power group a name.
    Note that the Power Group now has a magnifying glass at the right hand side. You can click on this to bring up the power group dialog and here you set the ability which this power group will use for any attacks, saving throws and bonuses for all of the actions that you set within this power group.
    Now right click on the new line created above to bring up the radial menu and select 'Add Action'. This will bring up a submenu which allows you to create the following:
    Nothing at that level of detail exists for Pathfinder effects. I'm stuck doing the manual calculations right now, and that's a shame given the capabilities of FG!

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    As a GM, you can create effects on the effects window. Everyone can create effects in the combat tracker. Everyone can also create effects under spells on the action tab in individual character sheets. Right click on the spell and choose add spell action, then choose add effect. You can only add effects under spells on the action tab.

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    As Copernicus219 says, effect entries can be created on the actions tab, under spells.

    But don't just think of them for spells only. Create a spell class and call it abilities (or whatever you want), add a number greater than 0 to the 0 level spells (so that you get a level header), then right click and create a spell - call it the name of the ability/feature that you want to add a spell to. Then right-click on the this ability spell and select add action -> add effect.

    Create the effect as required (including the targeting type) and then when you want to apply this effect you can click the effect button.
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    Closing the loop on this thread, many months later. THANK YOU! All three of you helped me (and eventually I took a FG University class) and now I'm swimming in effects and other coolness!

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