D&D5E: Tier 3 - DDAL00-03 Those That Came Before - @7PM EST 22 APR 2020

DM License: Ultimate

Voice: Yes (Discord information will be given after accepted
Age: 18+
Ruleset: Adventures League D&D 5E Legal Characters ONLY)
FG Programmed Character: Preferred (I'll have the table running 2 hours prior to give ample time to program in your character)

If you have run this module before please let me know, and allow other players to take first initiative to prevent meta gaming.

Adventure Details
Tier: 3
DDAL00-03 Those That Came Before written by Alan Patrick
Run Time: Approximately 4 hours
All of the scribes in Candlekeep are reporting eerie dreams, dreams in which the flying citadels of Ancient Netheril remain aloft among the clouds, with the modern skylines of Neverwinter and Waterdeep far below. These hazy visions all end the same way: with tremendous calamity as those fortresses smash down upon the defenseless metropolises. What aid can be enlisted when such doom is on the horizon?

**Players must provide the following on the Calendar or I will not accept invite**
Character Name

Calender Invite can be found HERE