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    Hey Ikael,

    [@Halve Damage] currently works both ways, when it shouldn't. It halves the damage received and also halves the damage dealt.
    Can you please look into this?

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    There's a bit of an issue with using a weapon that is STR+d6, or d8, d10 etc.
    The dice will only add up to the STR value as an extra dice. For example, with STR D4, adding a weapon that does STR + d6, it just shows 2D4. STR d8, adding a weapon that does STR + d10, only does 2D8 etc.

    Pictured - an example of STR D6, with a weapon doing STR + d12, shows both dice as D6


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    I try here, to see if a developer read about this bug:

    Ikael switched to CoreRPG dice tower a couple of versions ago and seems that there is something broken.

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    The Edge 'New Powers' in the SWADE ruleset has a typo. The Edge in Fantasy Grounds is named 'New Power' when it should be named 'New Powers'. I am using Fantasy Grounds Unity v4.0.0 (2020-09-03) and updated it earlier today.

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