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    Learning Morecore; Some simple questions

    I'm trying to figure out the dice string to use to properly display a "Energy" secondary attribute with the following formula
    10 x Intellect

    I have the Intellect primary attribute set up as 3d6x4 (rollover (p1)d(p2)x(p3))
    This is perfect as it will show me any number of 1,2,3 as failures and 4,5,6 as successes
    P1 3=Intellect Attribute Score
    P2 6=Die Size
    P3 4=Modifier to roll at or above

    So first we create the Energy secondary attribute
    Now we want to reference it by 3 from the Intellect attribute
    That is p1 from Intellect
    I'm not sure how to directly reference Intellects p1 so I can multiply it by 10

    I tried /die 10x(a1) with a1 using Intellect as reference, but it doesn't work. I'm guessing because I have to directly reference P1 and not the entire attribute?

    Any assist would be appreciated. I'm not too great with this stuff.
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    Hi Seran

    Most of the rolls cant do any sort of math. They just havent been coded for it. The roll expects data in a specific format and will fail if its not in that format.

    What is the game system you are trying to work it for?
    Can you describe the mechanic in more detail?

    So far - instead of (p1) for Intellect - drag the Intellect (p#) to the (a) ref field and then you can access it as (a).
    Is the dice always 6? if so no need to use a (p#) slot?
    Is the target always 4?

    Now why do you want to multiply the Intellect Score by 10?
    Why is the Intellect Score not just a multiple of 10 already?

    Are there other things that effect the roll that you have not yet expressed?

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    The system is my own. A small passion project I've been working on over the years.

    Let me see if I can break down the roll so it doesn't sound as mushy.

    Characters will have a secondary attribute called Energy. It's basically Intellect x 10. So with 3 Intellect, it would display as 30.

    The dice is always 6, yes.
    The target die is not always 4. I haven't thought about how I would work that out in an adaptive sense yet. Figured I'd tackle that once I get there.
    As for other things potentially affecting the roll. No. Energy is a static value based off of the Intellect attribute.
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    Intellect does not change. I decided to not add any effects that would modify primary attributes as it adds a lot of unnecessary bookkeeping at the table.

    As for other dice mechanics. It's not a complex system. All rolls are going to resolve in one of two ways:

    Non-Combat Skill Rolls: Roll xd6 versus a challenge rating assigned by the GM. X is equal to your level in that skill (e.g. Dan wants to cook a steak. His Culinary skill is level 4. The GM decides the difficulty is rank 2. Dan rolls 4d6. Every die that is 4,5, or 6 counts as a success. Dan needs 2 successes to not burn his steak.)

    Combat rolls: Roll xd6 versus an opponents Agility attribute. X is equal to your level in your weapon skill. The roll is fundamentally the same as a non-combat roll with one exception. The opponents Agility is what determines the success threshold. An opponent with 2 Agility requires 2,3,4,5, or 6 to succeed. Whereas an opponent with 5 Agility would require a 5 or 6 to succeed.

    Afterwards, take the number of successes you have as d6's and roll. The total is damage dealt.
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