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    Journal Entry #4: Incorporeality

    Time for another update on the development of Fantasy Grounds II:

    Among the most recent issues have been improved the operation with Windows Vista. Another task of the past week, which is now almost finished, is restructuring some of the database (and keeping the conversion from the current version up to date). Resizable token box was a frequent request some time ago and that is now in place. Other than these, bug fixes, script fixes, updater update, and minor features and tweaks have filled our schedule since the latest Journal Entry.

    The the list of things-to-do does not contain too many entries now, so we are inevitably getting there, *sigh*

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    Again excellent news! Nice to hear that the "to do" list grows smaller!

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    A much more informative update than past ones. Thank you very much.

    How about an issue count in the updates? Number completed, number created, number left to do? That way we can form our own opinion of how fast you are getting things done, and thus our own idea of how far away we are from 2.0?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ged
    Time for another update on the development of Fantasy Grounds II:
    Jed, time for another morsel I'm dying! What say you of Journal Entry #5?

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    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel they may finally announce the release of the new version at the iCon event on the 24th-25th? It seems that would be the perfect forum, and they seem to be getting truly close to having a completed app for us.

    (crossing fingers we can see the release in 10 days...)


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    I wouldn't bet any money on that. I'm guessing it'll be out in April.
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    Great news. Can't wait for FGII...


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