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    Hopefully i should have C4 submitted for Q&A next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vainazzo View Post
    Hopefully i should have C4 submitted for Q&A next week.

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    is the adventurers backpack still coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    is the adventurers backpack still coming?
    Apparently not, but one holds out hope.
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    Yeah, apparently the guy working on this stuff quit, or at least is no longer working on it. According to some folks in the Troll's Discord channel, they are looking for someone to work on this, as well as an improved or rebuilt ruleset and updating the mods. It would be nice for this system to get some love over here. C abd C is still my favorite system to play. Take my money!
    Fan of Castles and Crusades/Savage Worlds, just about any rpgs.

    I am in Eastern time zone and am fairly open most play times, but do prefer Evening or late night games.

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    I'm on 'summer break' from coding anything in FG, which I do every year to avoid burning out and to avoid spending the entire summer locked indoors rather than being outside getting some sun and fresh air. In the meantime a big change in all the TLG products has happened and I basically feel like I was kicked to the curb. I did receive permission from SmiteWorks to complete ABP as my final C&C product since I had started it waaaay before any of this stuff occurred, but before finishing it up I'll probably find a way to check with the TLG folks and make sure that's kosher.

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