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    Dragging Effects/Damage/Crits to Tokens Instead of the CT

    I was watching a video of someone playing FG 5E (I know, I know, please forgive me lol) and what caught my attention was that the GM dragged an effect to a token on the map and some other kind of damage rather than to that target in the CT. So I started playing around and I tried doing this in RM but dragging effects, damage or crits directly to the token does not work. I thought this would be amazing though because in my last game I had 6 players, 12 zombies and 10 other NPC's in the CT. My CT is usually only large enough to view the current actor and maybe 1 or 2 others as I tend to keep it small because of all the other windows I have open. With that many entries in the CT meant that each round I had to do quite a bit of scrolling each round to find and apply damage and crits to a particular target. For example, if I had a number of targets put to sleep at the same time I could drag the Sleeping effect directly to the token instead of scrolling through the CT to find them.

    I thought if we could drag and drop to the tokens instead of having to go to the CT it would save a considerable amount of scrolling. At least in my case it would. lol But this was the first time I ever tried running combat with such a large number of entries so I honestly didn't know what to expect but needless to say that fight ran for quite some time.


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    Hi Xen,

    I actually looked into it months ago but hit a few issues that at the time I didn't know how to handle without replacing most of the token and image code or having a partial implementation. I didn't want to do that so I haven't implemented this feature yet. I do plan on adding it to the ruleset again though because it was available in v1.8 and it was very useful.


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    Thank-you; would be very helpful.
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    Fantastic, thanks Dakadin!

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