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    New Player in Japan - Any JST games?

    I'm new to FantasyGrounds and would like to get into a game. I'm in Japan so most EST/PST games times don't work. Does anyone play during Japan standard time? Also Saturday morning games would probably work. I think I'm +12 or 13 from EST - I'm GST +9. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Brother, I hear you. I'm in Chiang Mai Thailand (GMT +7) and its a pain to find an FG game in this time zone area. I would DM one but unfortunately my internet is on a router owned by the building manager, and I can't get in to open port 1802 to allow folks to join me. I can, however, join other people's games (hint hint). Your best bet is to look for european (Gmt+1-3) games on the weekend and join them. In a game I'm joining soon I'll be up all night Sunday night and have to go to work on monday, but it'll be worth it!

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    If your solid for playing than I can look into DMing - I've done it before, just not with this program. We would need at least one more but I've got some leads on the island (if I can talk them into it.)

    Also, let me know if you run into any european games. I'm looking on the Calender but it's slow going.

    I'll let you know if I start running.

    Take it easy

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    If Someone will help me, I will DM

    I am a DM looking to run an Eberron Game, on a JMT schedule. I am still learning Fanstay Ground, but I have never run a game in it. I am presently converting my campaign into the program

    I think that I got my router set up, but I don't know if that is the case until I try it. I am looking for someone to help me get the program running right.

    Once I get it set up, I will post the notice on the board.

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    Hey idgie. You need to open router port 1802 if you haven't already. If you're unclear on how to do that, may I recommend https://www.portforward.com/routers.htm , scroll down until you find your particular router and follow the instructions for it.

    I'd be happy to help you test your connection. I'm two hours behind you so I should be available most evenings. Just send me a PM.

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    I believe that I have fixed my connection problems, but I have no way of knowing if that is so until I try it.

    How do we go about setting time to meet? Is there a messaging system that would be best to use in order for us to communicate with?

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    Man, I was sooo waiting for this kind of post.
    I'm a GM with about... well, let's just say too much experience behind my belt.
    I came to Japan 1 year ago and it's been hell on the RPG side of things.

    I'm have withdrawals and I'm in need of a game A.S.A.P., any will do and I'm willing to GM one anytime.

    Two things though, I'm french canadian so my english can sound somewhat unnatural to those native speakers.
    The other thing... well there's no other thing LOL.

    Idgie, I'll leave my email at the end of this post so you can contact me and we can schedule a test for your setup, I know mine works.

    Alcibiades, Japan is always +9 hours from standard time even in summer.
    Canada and the states go to summer time so that's why the difference between us and them changes in summer.
    Now, we are 13 hours in front of EST, in summer we'll be +14 I believe.

    I have no worthwhile experience with Fantasy Grounds but I'm willing to start any time, even as a GM. My specialty is The Dark Eye "Oeil Noir" and I believe it would be a great game (easy rules) for a trial run. If you go for a Dungeaons game, I prefer to be a player.

    As the new version is comming soon, I'm not ready to commit a real big campain into the present program but understanding it will be key to taking complete advantage of the new release. So I'm proposing a test run. A few games on a small adventure. It could help us iron things out in the present program and start to get to know it a little better. I'm also voting to play with the help of a speach program, any will do but I like Skype (god knows why...).

    [email protected]
    Always keep it in perspective!

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