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    Quote Originally Posted by WyrdGM View Post
    Sure, I suppose, but with caveats.
    1. I used MoreCore Diceroller as a basis. Right now I am learning lua, and the system. Someone else worked on that, and I don't know how permissions work for using someone else's extensions.
    2. I still have some work to do on it. I want to give it an option for Quick Success Levels versus Standard Success Levels, etc
    3. It is currently activated by typing /wfrp skill_percentage in the chat window
    4. Modifiers, instead of modifying the die roll, modify the skill. I wanted this so that when I hook it up to sheets, it can just roll to the skill and add the mods.

    I am unsure how everyone else is attaching their files standard, but this seems to at least have worked for me this time.
    Attachment 34181

    Here is an image of it being used
    Attachment 34182
    I am trying to build an extentsion for 4E in MoreCore. Could I try implementing this diceroll in this extenstion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShakyLuigi View Post
    I am trying to build an extentsion for 4E in MoreCore. Could I try implementing this diceroll in this extenstion?
    That looks a lot like the blackcrusade roll in MoreCore.

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    Well, he did say he used the MoreCore Diceroller as a basis, so it would make sense it looks like it.

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    It is the blackcrusade roll with some extra things built in, and some modifiers changed. I did use MoreCore for it. Like I said, still learning lua, so did not feel confident building one from scratch yet. These are my test examples. And it should be able to be imported into MoreCore without much issue at all.

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    I am also testing the possible ways:
    - CoreRPG (lacks the diceroller), but with an extension could be pretty slim and quick
    - MoreCore (works fine out of the box for all the basic stuff), have to say it has really good potential. With the blackcrusade diceroller you could start vanilla right out of the box... Create Attribute and Skills as diceroll based on the blackcrusade dice and p1-Parameter.
    - Paul Pratts 2nd edition which is build on CoreRPG is also really good, feature rich and bug free and: Weapons and Armor and Carreers are just great... hard decision which way to go, especially since it is really important to keep the code maintenance at a minimum level for future releases...

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    I would go with branching Paul’s, which you mentioned he was ok with if he was given props and that it was posted back here. I looked through the 2ed forum and you can see here item #6 that he added that because of a request a ways back for 4ed style combat. While it is not automated it is a good start and is built into the system. Maybe that could be taken as well as item #5 to add the fails and crits and expanded on?

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    Not sure if anyone else is doing something with this now, but I've tried to move forward with the extension I've started.


    - Added Fate/Fortune and Resolve and Resilience frames.
    - Added an experience frame.
    - Added character info frame.
    - Added ambitions frame.
    - Made a script that calculates wounds based on characteristics (still missing to adjust for the Hardy talent, and Halflings Small talent)

    Technically I think it is playable at this moment, though it needs some heavy work on the design.

    Also, there is no automation with the dice rolls. I've tried to figure out how to make an object or square clickable for a dice roll, but that is way beyond what I understand.

    I also need to figure out how to add advanced skills, including choosing which characterisic is relevant. I'm thinking a solution where you can add a line, where you write in the appropate skill, and choosing the characteristic. But how to make a dynamic list like that is also beyond what I understand right now.

    Magic and prayers are missing atm. but I think this can be solved the same way as advanced skills. If I'm able to solve that. I've spent so many hours just trying to figure that out, and I don't feel any closer.

    So, yeah, baby steps. If anyone knows how to solve the advanced skill and dice roll mechanics, I'd be really appreciative if they explained me how. Not afraid to put in the time to do the work, but the how is very puzzling for me.

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    Just a quick update. I'm back working full time, so I don't have that much spare time mucking about with this.
    But I have since last time:

    - Added a corruption/mutation frame where it has a cell that calculates max corruption.
    - Added an equipped armor and weapon with damage and armor (and total soak including Toughness and Willpower bonus). This is very simplified, but enough for simple use of the rules.
    - I actually made a combobox with species, and added Hafling as a variable in the wounds total calculations.

    So, not a whole lot since the last update, but I spent so much time on the combobox and wounds. "How hard can it be?", I thought. Very hard was the answer apparantly.

    The rest with items, money and talents can basically be done in MoreCore natively.

    All I am missing is the advanced skills, magic and prayers.
    And of course dice rolls. But WyrdGM asked for my character sheet files to try and implement a few things. I of course gave them to him in the hopes his trying to add dice rolls.
    Never thought of asking. Huh.

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    The extension seems empty when i download it. I would like to test the extension

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