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    Sorry it took me so long. I tested it and it is a great start. I even used it for one evening of my Enemy in Shadows Campaign I am running at the moment. So I would say, to manage you module, chars and run a game it is fully usable (as long as you do not insist on using full combat tracker, which I don't).
    Some next nice to haves would be
    - Advanced Skills as a list instead of single lines (don't get me wrong, I also have no idea how this is done, just stating what my players said would be their greatest new features :-).
    - Doubleclick on Skill Values should also launch a d100 roll
    - Roll telling your successes (I already read that code in Warhammer 2nd edition, but there is a trick involved to push the expected Value into the roll mechanic which was like higher magic to me, not sure if it can be done easily with morecore)
    - Like in MoreCore, if the "weapon damage roll text" could be rollable would also be neat. Perhaps under Weapon add the original "Attack" Line from morecore baserules again as "Current Weapon". You could then write >>Sword Damage 1d10+4<< in that line and it will even appear in Combat Tracker and you could double click to roll damage. It is a mighty magic line which can do some neat stuff.

    That all is absolutely nice to have. Thank you very much to ShakyLuigi and Wyrd for the great job!

    As for Roll20 and Foundry VTT official Warhammer 4th edition content:
    @Smiteworks: Did 7cubicles contact you on this? It would be gread if I could use the official adventures out of the box instead of typing my own version of the campaign summery as a module for my group. I understand may be they are missing some developers doing the "base" ruleset; but giving a signal to properly support it once in the future could help unite the different workstreams here...
    Thanks a lot for the feedback! It's nice to have ones work appreciated.
    And I really don't want to be that kind of guy, but I spent so many workhours (probably days) into this charactersheet I want to mention: That is all me.

    I will have a look at the things you mentioned, though I imagine a few of those things will be quite challenging.
    Right now I've just added the Characteristic frame in the NPC sheet, so it's easier to keep track of any NPC's you create. Just have to make it pretty

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    Hi ShakyLuigi

    Id avoid the Attack Line.
    It will go away sometime.
    Just create it as a Damage Roll, /dbdamage or /damagedr or /damagedr4 etc

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