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    Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4 ed


    branching that thread from 2nd ed to have a place to officially talk about a new approach to 4 ed (other than the "won't happen" post).

    Common sense seems to most likely branching from Pauls WFRPG 2nd ed for the following reasons:
    - 2ed offers far more functionality than 1st ed
    - 3rd ed is well versed, but 4 is much more compatible to ed 2 than ed 3.
    - Paul has offered to officially branch from the 2nd ed code as long as we refer to his base and publish here under same open licence and adhere to all official IP regulations.
    - do not reuse stuff from a retracted 4 ed alpha since IP is not clear.

    I personally am still in learning details from 2ed to 4ed and will need some while to adapt. I even master rounds with first edition (though second is functionally better).

    So, anyone to draft a first rough version is welcome.
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    What do you mean to "draft a first rough version"? To draft the features of the ruleset or to actually start working on the code?
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Whatever brings us one step closer. If one could write down the needed changes would be a good start.

    My first rough overview would be
    - to change the script for attack rolls to calculate damage by successes instead of damage roll (though I do not 100% like the new opposed fighting test, I would keep the old script at hand to switch between both by option switch).
    - add Fellowship (again)
    - change list of skills and perhaps data type of skills (only if totally neccessary, I would try to keep as much datatypes stable as possible)
    - to change how the skills work (taken and Mastery/Skill Levels removed, percentage value calculation changed) - here is the first part where I do have to read more of the 4 ed skill rules
    - add a field for the "new" Weapon Damage Value (leave the old fields intact for optional damage die roll).

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    2e has fellowship but you will have to add dexterity and initiative to the attributes.

    Skills will be a change like you said from buttons to being able to improve a single percentage at a time. (You can already do this in the xp tab, of the character sheet, for your attributes.

    The exp spending system should actually work out well for 4e from the 2e system.
    May want a way to highlight attributes you can advance via your career.

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    I started two weeks ago trying to create an extenstion for MoreCore with the WFRPG 4th edition in mind. So far I have added all the characteristics and Basic skills with Base, Advances and Total values.
    I have also finished the scripts that adds all of it together in a correct manner.

    You can see how far (or short) I've gotten in the picture below (with much help from damned).

    I have no experience in coding or xml besides what I've made here. But if it helps anyone, then I'm happy.


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    I got busy at work so have not had a ton of time to dig in, but I have been doing modifications to the roller that came with MoreCore to make a 4E roller for my group. It is contained and works with the Core ruleset.
    When I am at my computer I will upload it if people want.

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    Cool! So this could be incorporated into the branch of 2e to create a 4e version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmbrown View Post
    Cool! So this could be incorporated into the branch of 2e to create a 4e version?
    Sure, I suppose, but with caveats.
    1. I used MoreCore Diceroller as a basis. Right now I am learning lua, and the system. Someone else worked on that, and I don't know how permissions work for using someone else's extensions.
    2. I still have some work to do on it. I want to give it an option for Quick Success Levels versus Standard Success Levels, etc
    3. It is currently activated by typing /wfrp skill_percentage in the chat window
    4. Modifiers, instead of modifying the die roll, modify the skill. I wanted this so that when I hook it up to sheets, it can just roll to the skill and add the mods.

    I am unsure how everyone else is attaching their files standard, but this seems to at least have worked for me this time.

    Here is an image of it being used
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    Thanks. You’d have to ask permission and if it is Morecore than it is Damned.

    We’re trying to put together a community ruleset for 4ed. I don’t know lua, but I am trying to learn a little. I could help out with graphics.

    Who knows if we’re able to put together a nice ruleset maybe Smiteworks could approach Cubicle 7 and Games Workshop and try for an official one.

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