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    Grenade Weights Incorrect?

    Morning again Mad,

    Noticed that the weight for grenades is reported as being zero in the core rulebook module (and maybe the player version as well)? I believe these should be 0.5 kg each according to grenade table in the main source book, page 123.

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    I use 250g more close to IRL handgrenades

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    An M67 Fragmentation grenade weighs about 454g
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    You are using grenades from the 60's? Maybe it should be 0,5kg for TL 5-7 and 0.25kg for TL8+
    In Sweden both the m/90 and m/2000 is under 0,25kg but maybe we throw better and don't need to compensate with a bigger boom

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    Did seem high to me too, but the value in the actual book says .5 kg.. not my number, was just going for what's there

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    Thanks, I'll check the weights though CSC has updated a lot of the equipment.


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