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Thread: Ammo counter

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    Ammo counter

    I would like to request an automatic ammo counter as ranged weapon is used. This function is present in 5E Core. Is this possible to do as an extension or copy the function from 5E to 4E?

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    1) Ammo only displays with the weapon, not with powers (but still decrements when using powers)
    2) Ammo is decremented based on the weapon name. So if you have two weapons with the same name, it will decrement from the first one it finds
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    Nice Extension ! Thank you valeros

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    When NPC attacks PC I get this error and no attack or damage happens.

    [4/14/2020 5:00:54 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Script execution error: [string "scripts/manager_action_attack_ammo_counter_..."]:14: attempt to index local 'rFocus' (a nil value)

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    Should be fixed, please download new version and try again. Maybe third time is the charm?

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    Third time is the charm :-) Attacks from NPC's are not throwing an error now. Thanks!

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