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    Player looking for D&D 3.5 games

    Hi, looking for D&D 3.5 games.

    I've played Dragonlance, some Forgotten Realms, and Eberron settings, and of course regular D&D with custom campaign settings. I've played everything from human fighters, clerics, and warlocks, to Kobolds, Half-Ogres, Dragonkin, and a DragonLance Minotaur Monk. As you can tell, I enjoy playing odd and interesting characters, and I love to give them intruiging backgrounds. The kinds of characters you see in books like Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, etc. I've even considered playing a Gully Dwarf in a Dragonlance setting... Although that would be extremely difficult to play such an underpowered race, I think it would be fun to at least make the attempt, for such an interesting character.

    I have played levels 1-5 more times than you can imagine in only the last 20 months or so that I've played D&D. I'm especially interested in games that start around level 5-6+, or are already begun and around that level.

    Please reply here OR email me at [email protected]


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    I don't know if this game might interest you: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ead.php?t=5574

    We could use an extra player. Downside is that we start at lvl2, and that we're new at FG.

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    I'm sorry I can't play that schedule... He is only available 2 hours at time mostly anyways.

    But thanks anyways!

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    I am looking for a player

    I don't know your time zone or anything but I am looking for a player, we are going through the Savage Tide adventure path, and I am having new characters start a just at a level that is close to what the exsisting players are. Right now that's level 4. Check out the message thread here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ead.php?t=4910

    The game is also on the game calendar: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=133

    Just message me if you are interested.

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    hi im from peru, zone time; GMT-5, i had been dm in 3 and 3.5 versions, but actually i dont have a party, i would like to join your group, disponibility all day for a while.
    thanks on bare hand

    [email protected]

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    Sorry man I'm looking for games, not running them. I am not a DM.

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