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    This looks fantastic and I wouldn't mind adding it to my FGU

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    Hi Everyone,

    I apologize for not posting again to this thread in a while... when I first posted this interest wasn't that immediate, but it seems to have exploded as of late... I have some good news and some bad news...

    Good News: Grognard is still in development. I update him once every couple of weeks with new features and bug fixes. He now collects a lot more stats on the players, like attendance records, total kills, total heals, favorite weapons, etc... We are currently playing the Pathfinder 2E "Extinction Curse" campaign, so he also tracks all the stats and information about the player's circus.

    Bad News: This whole thing is a bit of a hack, and I don't know if it's really releasable... There are three parts to this whole thing:

    1. The Discord BOT -- Runs on a cloud server, maintains the statistics database
    2. The FG/FGU Extension -- This extension takes "events" such as die rolls and when players get kills and saves them as XML files (You can create database entries in FG and export those entries). This is the only way I could figure out how to get the data out of FG and into something else in real time.
    3. The PC Application -- There is an app you have to run along side FG that constantly scrapes the XML files being written and parses them into network events that can be sent to the Discord BOT server. It then deletes the XML files off your PC.

    That is a lot to maintain in wide release. It all works quite well, but if you forget to run the PC Application the log files will just pile up forever until you eventually run out of disk space.

    Things I still need to do for a wide release:

    1. I need to teach the bot how to handle multiple accounts. Right now it will broadcast to every discord channel it's currently in the events it receives from everywhere.
    2. I need to figure out how to package the PC application so it will be trusted enough to install and run on other PCs. (I wrote it in electron so it should run on Macs too, but untested)
    3. I'd like to do a limited close beta release with just a couple more GM's to work out the kinks.

    A caveat... This only works with Pathfinder 2E at the moment. If you want this for 5E or something else I would need to rework how the kill tracking works. Rolls tracking should be fine with any CoreRPG ruleset, but the kills tracking is tied heavily into the PF2E combat tracker.

    I'll aim for a limited release at the end of June. If you are currently running a Pathfinder 2E campaign and would be interested in helping me test, please let me know. If you are running Extinction Curse, even better...


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    I’m not running PF2 yet but it’s my next campaign (homebrew conversion of Reign of Winter) and this looks really cool and I would love to use it. I like the images you posted and look forward to you getting this more palatable for a public release

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    Sounds great Cupcakus! When you get to the 5E part of this, I'll be happy to try testing it for you if you want!

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    Heya, I'm running a PF2 game and I'd love to test this out for you. It's homebrew, so no circus, but I have players who are suspicious of fantasy grounds and it would be interesting to see whether those suspicions are justified or not!

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    +1 for another willing tester here. This looks great!
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