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    Mads Hvelplund's "An Icy Grave" Short Adventure for FG

    Hi All,

    My friends and I are new to FG, but are already loving the system. Sure you can have everything automated for you in things like Neverwinter Nights and the MMORPGs, but they don't come nearly as close to capturing the true roleplaying experience as FG does. Great job guys! I, like everyone else on these boards it seems, am looking forward to FG2.

    Onky had previously converted "An Icy Grave" (see:, but his link to the adventure is no longer available. Some, or many of you, may have already been introduced to it, but here it is nonetheless

    An Icy Grave, by Mads Hvelplund

    Overview: A small monastery in the mountains has fallen prey to ill luck and foul weather. Icy storms and the vengeful spirit of the former abbot have done in the monks and left their secluded monastery a frozen graveyard.

    Game system: D&D 3.5e
    PCs: 4, levels 1-2.
    Setting: Any
    Location: Wilderness/Indoor

    With Mads' permission, we have converted his very popular "An Icy Grave" short adventure to Fantasy Grounds and offer it for download here:

    Using the d20 Ruleset -

    Using Digital Adventure's Complete SRD Ruleset -

    Mads' original 3.0e PNP adventure: (easily convertible to 3.5e).

    I do apologize ahead of time if there any problems in "importing" this campaign or if there are any significant flaws. If there are, lets write them off to my novice FG status. That said, if you have any feedback on the FG version of this adventure or notice any bugs with the conversion, please post here or on our site at:


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    Cool Thanks!

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