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    World creation tables, as well as ship damage table for Mongoose Traveller 1e

    So, I noticed that there aren't any tables made for world creation, nor is there a table for dealing with ship damage (specifically, taking a damage roll and providing the number of hits instead of you having to look it up manually). As such, I decided to make some and export them into a .mod file. Here is that file (please let me know if this isn't allowed; I can't think of any way this would be useful without access to the ruleset though, given the number of DMs that are listed only in the reference manual).

    Edit: I have since looked through the 2e tables, and discovered that while there are more world creation tables than in 1e, most of them aren't there. As such, I have made a similar upload for 2e including those tables.
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    Interesting I thought all the tables were created.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Interesting I thought all the tables were created.

    No worries. Feel free to check for typos and add them to the core module if you want.

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