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    Hey guys, So I bought a few token sets. However they are not appearing in the V5 stuff. Any suggestions?

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    Provided that the tokens are not system specific. Make sure you update your copy of fantasy grounds following your purchase.

    Once inside of your V5 campaign, Click on the library link in the bottom right corner. That should open another window, in the left bottom corner you will see a modules button, click that. Now you should be able to select your newly purchased module, that contains said tokens.

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    Worth adding..... since Vampire is normally modern, and there is tons of great art out there for inspiration, I highly recommend you download and use Token Tool to make your own tokens. Super easy. Gets addictive once you get started. As long as you aren't streaming, or trying to sell modules, you can grab tokens from anywhere for personal use.

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    Thanks guys. With y'all help I figured it out. Even made my own tokens LOL.

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