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    Great extensions; I picked up your bundle on the DM's Guild. Your Pact Tactics extension does not play well with this Blindsight and Truesight extension. An invisible tagged creature ignores the blindsight and truesight tags when attacking, which applies advantage to the roll when it should not. Also, the Flanking and Ranged extension produces the same conflict with the invisible tag.
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    I'll take a look and try and sort out what's going wrong there when I have a chance. Thanks for the info!
    I'm always looking for ways to enhance the fantasy grounds experience, feel free to reach out to me with suggestions.
    For a list of all my extensions look here.

    The best way to contact me regarding any of my extensions is on Discord in the #kent-mccullough-stuff channel.

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    I am also having similar issues. I was using the expanded blindsight/truesight extensions by ScriedRaven (which this extension is the core of to my understanding) and also had to turn off both pack tactics & flanking/ranged extensions if I wanted to use the vision effects :-(

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    Have the issues between this extension and pact tactics been resolved?

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    I am also using the expanded blindsight/truesight extensions by ScriedRaven. I understand it's core code comes from this ext and it does appear the issue is a carry over from this code. I can confirm the same behavior in both.

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