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    Thinking of switching back from Roll20 to FG, a few questions.


    We used FG for years but switched to Roll20 when dynamic lighting came to Roll 20 and also didn't like opening up ports on my router for security reasons. It looks like it is finally coming to FG Unity soon, so I'm thinking of coming back. A few questions:

    - If I buy an adventure, say a Pathfinder Adventure Path module - will all of the line-of-sight and lighting upgrades be included in the older modules?

    - If I buy the Ultimate FG Unity, then do all my players merely need the Demo version to play?

    - If I don't by the core rulebooks but buy modules, what content from the modules if any will not function properly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome (back) to the FG forums!

    1) Line of Sight is included in any module that has the "LoS" symbol against it in the store. There's an ongoing project to add line of sight to as many existing FG modules as possible.

    2) Correct - players just need the demo version to join an Ultimate GMs game.

    3) The modules will have all data specific to that module within the product. If you don't have the Core Rulebook and others, then your players may not have access to classes, feats, equipment, spells, etc. that is contained in those products. There are some community OGL modules with data available (see the module sticky thread at the top of the 3.5E/Pathfinder forum) and you can always enter the data manually.
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    Welcome back Padraig,

    LOS is being added to older modules by a crowd sourcing effort; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Crowd-Project Those that have already had the LOS updated can be seen in the FG Store with a "LOS" symbol marking them. Their is the intent to implement a search for LOS, but it has not yet been done.

    Correct, the Ultimate license allows players to play with the free/demo client.

    If the core books are required for any adventure content to function, then the product description will include a note to that effect. In general, the core rulebooks are not required for any adventure to be used.

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