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    Support for extended latin letters?

    I tried to find a thread about this, but search didn't help so...

    In FGC I am using extension for Polish Letters to extend the available set with accented letters like ą, ę, ź, ć and so on.

    The extension does not work in FGU for now - specifically I get some errors of missing fonts.

    When can we expect support for more than just ASCII letters? It's 2020 and people use UTF extensively. Though I am not asking for emojis it would be nice to have at least extended Latin font.

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    The default font is called Noto Sans; and we've already built in support for Latin1, Extended, Supplemental 1 and Supplemental 2 character sets.

    Have you tried without the extension at all? Which ruleset?


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    Typing Czech letters like ě, š, č, ř, ž, , , , , , ď and ť is OK. Just the XML converts the letters to č or Ž etc.

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    I have tried for D&D 5e ruleset. I tried few minutes ago making sure FGU is up to date. And extension is something I used for FGC before. I tried both: with and without it.

    So I think the issue is that Right Alt is used for placing ą, ł, ź, ć... and so on. And right now it behaves as much as left one or even Ctrl. Using R-Alt+A will select all the text in the chat. R-Alt should be left for the system use as this will encode chars. So the issue may not be the font, but input itself.

    @ShadoWWW - sorry, I do not understand what you mean by XML in this scope and whether it is a fix for me, or some similar issue.

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    We are aware that "Alt Gr" does not work as you might expect; but we have not gotten to that point yet of being able to look at that situation.

    There is a previous thread that suggested using "Ctrl + Alt" as a workaround for now.


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    Thanks for the info. Hope it can get solved before release Looking forward to it!

    Trick with Ctrl is interesting... but still like learning to ride again. Good enough for now anyway

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