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    Green DM looking to run starter campaign "Lost Mines of Phandelver"

    Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm going to run the "Lost Mines of Phandelver" on Thursdays at 6pm EDT (GMT-4). I have a licensed teamspeak server and I have an "ultimate" Fantasy Grounds license. I'm told this means that even "demo" class players can join. I am looking for ideally 4 players.

    I am NOT looking for league play. I don't think that would interest me. My mindset is somewhere between casual and serious.

    Please PM me with questions or applications.

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    I would definitely be interested. This Thursday (tomorrow 4/2) would be a little difficult for me as it is my Daughter's birthday, but I could definitely join either late or on 4/8. Thanks!
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    URP. Yeah. I get it now. I did look for a posting rules post ... didn't see one. I understand now this should be in the LFG forum. Is there a forum manager who can move this?

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    Has this started? I may be interested.

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    Hey its 4/6/20 don't know if you filled all spots but would like to join. New to this as well.

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    Hello, if any spots are still available I would be interested (green player)

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    Interested. New to FG but old school AD&D player. Have 5e experience with some Adventure League play over the last year. Have Ultimate lic and several modules ie. fairly serious about trying to make Virtual Tabletop happen. Cheers, Bezo

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    Hey, I am interested! I know that this is tomorrow, so you might be full, but I would definitely be down to play if you have an opening!
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