FG License: free. willing to pay
Time Zone: Jerusalem
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: flexible. needs to be in reasonable times in Jerusalem (i.e 8am - 23:59pm Jerusalem time. work days flexible)
Term: idealiy long but open to try 1 adventure first.
Voice: yes. can download any program you use.
Game System Preferred: D&D, preferred 5e.
Game System Experience: AD&D, AD&D2e, 3rd edition, new to 5e
Fantasy Grounds Experience: completely new
Character Type Preferred: prefer wizard. if 3e than cleric is ok too.

About me: I'm 35 years old from Tel Aviv. Been playing a lot of D&D from elementary school (AD&D) to high school (3rd edition), favorite games are fantasy empires when i was in school, BG2, hordes of the underdark (love drow).
Been reading all of Drizzt novels and finished evermeet and familiar with forgotten realms campaign.
After reading evermeet i want to play a high elf bladesinger who is hoping to become worthy enough to wield he's family moonblade who love the elven people, lore and traditions. Looking to find and rescue elven artifacts of old times to better serve the elven nation.

If this looks like a match to you please contact me