FG License: Free game
Time Zone: Central Time USA
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Monday through Friday, Weekly is fine and 6:00PM or later
Term: Long term keep playing
Voice: I have Discord and Skype but willing to really use any voice chat.

Game System Preferred: I like 3.5 as my most prefered but I am willing to play anything
Game System Experience: Every version of D&D, Pathfinder, Deathwatch, Dark Heresy 1 and 2, Mutants and Mastermind, Anima. I have played others but I can't think of them.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I am extremely new to Fantasy Grounds.

Character Type Preferred: I can play anything and tend to play anything that is needed or what I feel like fits best. Sometimes I play things outside the norm but I try and run everything past the DM first.
About me: I love Heavy Roleplay games where I can feel like I am my character and the world is alive. I like it when we can also just cut up between when not roleplaying and let some jokes fly but being able to get back on track easily. I am very easy going when it comes to games and systems and love to learn new things and experience new games. I sometimes talk alot so sometimes I need a bit of people nudging me to tell me when to be quiet or such. I don't take offense with anything. The more the game makes me feel, the better the game feels to me.

I hope you select me for your game.