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    Modify V5 ruleset to previous editions

    Hello all,
    Excited to see a WoD game get an official release. I am new to using FG. I would like to purchase the VTM for FG soon, however I had a question.

    My game group is a bunch of stubborn 40 somethings who played revised in high school and college and refuse to even consider playing V5!! LOL Is there a way to modify aspects of the V5 module to fit V20, Revised editions of Vampire?

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    unfortunately as far as I can tell you cannot modify the V5 ruleset as it is a commercial ruleset. but there is a V20 ruleset already. It is non-commercial so it can be modified as I am doing that currently but it does not have reference manual as that would be against copyright. you can find the V20 ruleset here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...uleset-for-FG3

    If you have any questions on the ruleset you can ask in that thread as well.

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