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    Damage Type extension

    I would like an extension that adds "bludgeoning", "piercing", "slashing" to Damage Types. Does anybody know if one is made and if not could you direct me to some good extension tutorials? I found one extension that has this ability (5E_for_4E_extension30) but it makes other changes I dont want.

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    I'm not aware of a 4E extension like that. You may have to create your own extension and use the one you found as a guide and add the damage types you were looking to have.
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    Have a look i this thread:

    Look at the extension posted within the thread, but look at my final post that fixes the issue the community dev was having.
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    There's no extension necessary for this.

    All you have to do is add that new type behind your dmg instance.
    For example, if the power deals lightning and you want it to do lightning and slashing dmg, you just type in ", slashing" after lightning, so it looks like this:

    lightning, slashing

    You can add resistances, vulnerabilities and immunities as an effect on any PC/NPC in the combat tracker
    RESIST: 5 bludgeoning
    IMMUNE: piercing
    VULN: 5 slashing

    I've done this several times with characters who have a game effect on them (from feat or paragon path) that their attacks should ignore resistances; I just put another dmg type that I made up behind their usual dmg type like
    fire, fiery fire
    That way they still triggered fire vulnerabilities in this case, but if an enemy had fire resistance, the damage went through it, as the enemy didn't have resistance to "firey fire"

    Hope this helps!

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