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    Dragonlance: War of the Lance


    An epic adventure based off the popular Dragonlance Chronicles novels.

    "It is widely believed that the Cataclysm occurred as a result of the Kingpriest's overweening ambition. The Kingpriest sought godhood to not only purge the lands of evil, but of anything that did not agree with his viewpoints. However, such an act would ultimately destroy the Balance, so Thirteen Warnings were sent to the Kingpriest and the nation of Istar. A storm battered the city for thirteen days, trees wept blood, and other ill omens were seen. The warnings were misinterpreted as signs from Gods of Darkness that wanted to stop the Kingpriest, and went unheeded. On the third day of the year 963 IA by the Istar calendar, the Kingpriest demanded that the gods answer his call. Instead, the Cataclysm occurred. Though it was widely believed that the gods abandoned Krynn, this was not so. Instead, most of Krynn's populace could not understand why the gods refused their cries for aid, and turned away from the gods for over three hundred years.

    Ansalon felt the Cataclysm as a burning mountain that struck the Lordcity of Istar, though the changes wrought by the Cataclysm were far-reaching. The countries of Falthana and Seldjuk were destroyed; it is likely that Gather, Ismin, and Midrath were as well. The nation of Istar, as well as Dravinaar and Taol were radically altered and later subsumed into other nations. The Kingdom of Icereach was destroyed; its cities buried under snow and ice. The Blood Sea formed over the sunken city of Istar; the Maelstrom in its center supposedly sits over the ruined city. Northern Ergoth and Southern Ergoth were formed when Ergoth was separated from the mainland, while the Blood Sea Isles were formed from existing mountains to the west. Water rushes in from the Sirrion Ocean to form the New Sea, while waters recede from the port city of Tarsis." -- Excerpt from Dragonlance Nexus.

    It has been around 300 years since this occured. during this time, the gods have seemingly left Krynn and new, false religions have popped up everywhere. Dragons have also disappeared, and many believe them to be nothing more than myths. Clerics with true healing powers are non-existant. It's a time of great suspicion where the peoples of Ansalon have little trust in strangers as well as in other races. The once noble and honorable Knights of Solamnia were well known and respected across the lands. Now, they are despised and hated; the people blame the knighthood for the cataclysm. This time is known as "the Time of Dispair".

    The campaign starts off in a seemingly innocent fashion. The PCs are sweapt up into the lives of two barbarians that are on the run and carry a magical staff. What is peculiar about the staff is that it has the ability to heal the sick and wounded. A feat that has not occured in over 300 years. Is the staff a gift from the long forgotten true gods or is it something more sinister?

    Looking For

    Six to Eight mature players. The campaign will focus on role playing, story, and character developement. There will be less of an emphasis on Combat. The campaign will have a serious tone, so players must be able to stay focused on the game.


    The players will meet on a bi-weekly schedule. The time is negotiable, to an extent. I'm available weekdays from 5PM to 11PM and weekends are open to any time. The server is located in GMT -6:00 (Saskatchewan, Canada).

    How to get involved

    Just post in this thread if you think you might be interested. If I get alot of response, then I'll let you know if we have room for you or not.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'll be interested. Unfortunately, I can only game on weekends as I am working during the weekday times you listed.

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    Hey i´m free
    I think i can play with you (my time is GMT+0 but no problem) just let me know the hour of play and the day ok?
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    I am definitely interested, due to my love of Dragonlance. I am also GMT -6, though not at 5 pm, and only on Friday and Sunday. So, depending upon what the majority is looking for time wise, I'm very interested.
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    Interested In Week-Day Game

    I am interested in a week day game, as I work on the weekends. I've never played DL, but did read Chronicles, Legends, and an assortment of the side novels over the years.

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    Okay, I realize that we have a bunch of people who can play on weekends, and a bunch who can play only on weekdays. I'm going to pick a specific time and day right now (It won't be set in stone, but at least people will be able to try and match up their schedules with it.) I apologize to anyone who this does not work out for.

    I'm going to tentatively shoot for alternate Sundays. We could either start in the afternoon or early evening and play for 5 or 6 hours. I say this is Tentative because I'm still waiting for a friend of mine to give me his schedule. Stay posted for a definitive answer!

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    Would any DL knowledge be required for this campaign? Also I'm curious what level characters we'll be starting with or if we will be playing characters from the novels (I really haven't read any dragonlance materials yet, though there is plenty available at my local bookstore and library)

    Oh Yeah, currently i'm available anytime, so long as I'm awake...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyn
    Would any DL knowledge be required for this campaign? Also I'm curious what level characters we'll be starting with or if we will be playing characters from the novels (I really haven't read any dragonlance materials yet, though there is plenty available at my local bookstore and library)

    Oh Yeah, currently i'm available anytime, so long as I'm awake...
    Some DL knowledge would certainly help, but is not necessary. Any information that is required will be supplied. (The less you know about the novels, the more fun you might have, in my opinion.) The adventure starts with the PCs at around level 3 or 4, and, although the characters from the novel are supplied with the adventure, no PC will be playing any of them. They will have to make their own character.

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    Okay, here is a quick list of players that will be playing, provided that their schedules don't conflict with the time.

    Blue Haven
    Sir Bayard
    JohnWes (I know you said you can only play weedays, but the spot is yours if you can somehow make it. Let me know. Remember, Server Timezone is GMT -6:00 so it still could work for you depending on your location.)

    That's all the players we'll need for this campaign. If any of you decide that you can't make it, then please private message me. In the mean time, start thinking of character ideas. Within the next couple of days, maybe sooner, I'll send each of you a Private Message that will contain a link to a message board that we will be using for this campaign.

    Stay Tuned!

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    Sunday Game

    I can play Sundays depending on the time. The later the better. And also, what source books are you using?

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