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    Does anyone have any objections to adding a 7th player?

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    I don't mind.

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    Chronicle drafts sent.

    For 2-00:

    Any preferences between





    In the absence of a clear consensus I would go with 1-2.

    Edit: An another note, as next weekend is - technically - Easter/Passover/iEyeCon, I'm assuming everyone will be busy?
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    Id prefer 5-6 but could do the lower.
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    I'd be happy with either 1-2 or 3-4 for 2-00, as I already played it in subtier 7-8 (so 5-8 is not accessable for me without a replay).
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    I created a discussion thread (with poll).

    Be aware that player signups will be on April 10th trough the Cosmic Crittermander Starfinder Society warhorn page.

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    I am currently assuming no game this weekend due to Easter/Passover.

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    I wouldn't mind a game (SFS or PFS2), if you are offering to host one. So far, I'm free on all four days (Good Friday till Easter Monday) and would prefer an "early" start (before 1400 UTC).

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