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    LFP that are committed to meet up Sat evenings for DND

    Hey everyone so i am looking for anyone interested in joining my DND group, we started with 5 but now are down to 2 and we are looking for more people to join our crazy adventures! I am the Dm and weve done a couple campaigns but are not experts. I have FG paid so if you have the free one come on through! We are very committed though as we try to meet up every Saturday evenings. We use discord for voice chat as well. So if you are interested in joining us let me know I would love to have you join us! Right now we were going through the tyranny of Dragons arc but had to put a pause on it due to some people leaving the group, so right now we are trying to run the dragon of icespire peak. So if you are new to FG or DND this would be a perfect campaign for you! We are based in Cali so our time zone would be PST.
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    hey, i'm very interested to pay. it seems that I will have a substantial amount of time on my hands, so why not use it to slay undesirables and gain fame. I do have some experience under my belt, both with playing 5e and FG. so, let me know if you have room in your party. Thanks, hope to hear from you!

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    Is your campaign compatible with FGU? If so, I'm interested!

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    I'd love to play! Played quite a bit of pen and paper, new to FG but think I've got a pretty good grasp of the player's side. Open to class based on party needs, but usually like to play utility/support roles. In pacific time as well, wide open timeframe and can commit to attendence and punctuality.

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    Hello. I am interested in playing as well. I have not played DnD for quite some time and I am a FG noob as well. I'm positive that with a little practice and patience I can get my feet under me rather quickly. I am also located in Pacific time zone as well.

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    I am running on FGU and am very interested in joining a campaign. I can commit to playing and have a strong background in D&D, although not so much with FG.

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    What setting is this?


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    I'd love to join if you still have room

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    New to Fantasy Grounds and have just restarted D and D with 5e. Would love to join in a campaign.

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    My girlfriend and I are looking for a group to play with. We're both fairly experienced (I more so than she is in both DnD and FG) but we will be playing together so I can help her with some of the nuances. Have discord. Looking forward to hearing from you! You can email me at [email protected] OR on Discord at DirkyAndCheese#8496

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