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    Beasts & Barbarians (SW) Mondays 7pm GMT

    Wandering the desolate and deadly wilds of the Borderlands our group of fearless adventurers all have a story, mostly filled with tears. We are warriors, we are barbarians and we are going to survive.

    If you have the time and the courage, join us online and challenge your sword against the unknown dangers of Beasts & Barbarians.

    This is a Savage Worlds game.

    FG License: You can use the FREE License

    Game System: Savage Worlds (Pinnacle Entertainment)

    Time Zone: GMT (7pm GMT - 2pm EST)

    Day of the week: Mondays and or Fridays

    Duration: 3 Hours

    Frequency: For

    Voice: Discord

    Players Needed: 1

    Respond here or send me a PM.

    Our group has been running playing various games for several years.
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    Enjoying tabletop and online role-play games as friends for happy memories.

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    Hello, I'm new to SW. However, I'm reading a lot on in. I'd like to join your game.

    There is one caveat though, English is not my native tongue so my pronunciation is not ideal.

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    I would be interested. Experienced with SW and have played and dm'd in FG for the last 6 years. Working now to get FGU down. I am in PST so I believe it would be 11:00 am for me.
    Ultimate License

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    Thank you for the replies and messages.

    This game is now full.

    Please stay safe during the Covid-19 crisis.
    Enjoying tabletop and online role-play games as friends for happy memories.

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