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    Several Basic Questions

    Im trying my first steps creating/modifying stuff for my 5e campaign. My first two items are the Rage feature of the Barbarian and the Bodyguard Fighting Style.

    Thanks to the 5E Effects wiki page the rage feature works, but how can I implement check boxes to track usage. It must be something very simple, but I can't it. Solved!

    The effect of the Fighting Style is basically GRANTDISATK, which apparently works only on attacks against the actor. Is there a way to bend it to affect anopther character? Or maybe to generate the effect on the target? Solved!

    When I create a new power, the friendly red dragonhead ist added. Can I link it to some specific library entry?
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    If you are setting up effects for abilities first open up the ability and then switch to the actions tab and drag the ability into the window. this will set up a power group (and sometimes effects too). Once you have that then type a name into the right hand box and that will name the power group. You can then add effects by right clicking on the line and selecting the appropriate effects dialog from the radial menu. You can also set up any ability modifier used by the power group and the number of uses if all the power sin the groupp have a collective number of uses like the Monk Ki power etc. To set up uses for each effect seperately use perparation mode.

    More information here. https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...ced+Automation

    And in these videos.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan van Leyden View Post
    When I create a new power, the friendly red dragonhead ist added. Can I link it to some specific library entry?
    Drag and drop into the description. See this screenshot.
    I took the dragonborn breath weapon power and added it as an ability on my action tab by dragging and dropping. Then I unlocked it, opened a story entry and drag and dropped the story entry into the description field and now I have the icon to open that entry from inside the power.

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    On to the next one.

    I want to add a little suprise for our sorcerer and set up automatic roles on the Wild Magic Surge table. How do I enforce a role on said table if a (hidden) d20 roll while casting a spell yields a 1?
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    Hi Jan,
    I think the most streamlined way of doing this would be to have it coded into an extension, although some interaction from the DM will still be required I think.
    I'm working on something similar atm, if I get it finished I'll post back here to let you know.

    Cheers, Steve.

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    Will have to write an extension. You can look at the crit/fumble tables and mechanics for a starting point.

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    let me know the name of the table you are rolling on for the Wild magic surge (exact name, including caps) and I 'll have something for you to look at soon.

    Cheers, Steve.

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    The table is called "Wild Magic Surge". It's part of the PHB.
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    Give this a shot, it's along the lines of what you want I think.
    Type /wildmagic to use.
    It'll then roll a d20 for th DM, and then roll on the table if the d20 was a 1.

    Cheers, Steve.
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    Thank you, Steve! Your /wildsurge has been assigned to my F1 key.
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